Thursday, February 11, 2010

Corazon Latino silver jewelry doesn't care how tall you are

I mention often how jewelry modeling is perfect for models of all sizes. There is no height requirement to model jewelry. Well at Corazon Latino petite models are used often for modeling their silver jewelry. The founder Catherine D'Arcy and I met when she was in NYC and she writes an awesome silver jewelry blog as well. On it I recently read that Cindy Crawford is launching a silver jewelry line.
Catherine has also written an article for this blog and here is her insight on buying jewelry in a recession and jewelry styles that are great for all sizes:

I wanted to share some my favorite pieces of the Corazon Latino silver collection that would look great on girls and women of all sizes, and these are styles which I adore. Notice how the model is posing and the way the photo is shot, it looks like a "parts modeling" photo, photos similar to this are great for an aspiring model to consider creating. Showing you "can" model something, a product, like jewelry, is a good idea:

These leaf earrings are really pretty. Notice the model is putting her neck and beautiful skin to use modeling these beautiful earrings, see height isn't everything in modeling a product, like these Naiad Silver Earrings:

This silver bangle looks really stylish:

On the Corazon Latino website is says "A delicate solid silver daisy chain. Ideal for petitie wrists." PERFECT!! And even before I read that, I so loved this Daisy Chain Bracelet:

This necklace is very pretty, especially with a strapless dress:

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