Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bravo Bravissimo! Lingerie campaign uses real women

This is cool. Bravissimo, a lingerie store in the UK has used 5 real women in their ad campaign. I don't believe female shoppers want the fantasy that one size is sexier; I believe they really want the real. They want to look at a product and see "how it will really look on them." There is nothing wrong with a female customer seeing a shorter, or curvy woman in the ad campaign. I hope more brands start to see that humanistic and honest advertising can sell, and does.

Bravissimo contacted 600 customers, holding castings before narrowing their choice down to five.

Read more here:

Low Heel Shoes & Kitten Heel Shoes for Spring on my feet

So low heels, kitten heels are in for Spring, well I love high heels, and trends are trends only if you want them to be, so I will be wearing some of my low heels and here are of my "lower heels".

I bought these sort of beat up but awesome vintage denim shoes last summer, and I can finally wear them. I am going to get some shoe goo and fix them up or bring them to my cobbler and flaunt them, I will share pics, but for now, check them out!

And finally my first pair of Pucci's! Aren't they cute, (got them from and can't wait to wear these when the snow melts and cold takes a break.

These are a favorite pair of mine, a Salvatore Ferragamo low heel sandal! YAY!

Friday, February 26, 2010

goodbye forever perfect teeth

Over years I have learned how to work with my teeth. Control my teeth, and not let them control me. What I mean is I have imperfect teeth, well, that is it if you consider perfection when someone doesn't have a gap between their teeth and doesn't have an overbite. We all have imperfections. In High School teeth were something I observed in other girls. Many of the girls had braces already or maybe were just born with straight teeth. It felt like everyone had straight, together put teeth.

In my family, my mother and sister have a gap between their teeth. My grandmother did as well. In a sense the gap represents my roots. I have, overtime, learned to accept my gap, like it, even call it a trademark of my face. I think it gives me character.

Recently on my Youtube video page where I give tips about modeling, there was a comment that beauty models must have perfect teeth. I don't agree.

If your teeth are not bright as the full moon and perfectly straight you can still model and still be a beauty model. Beauty modeling involving modeling for cosmetics, skincare, and many lifestyle ads for products of all types from sunglasses, to jewelry, and hair care use all types of models. And many times the model's teeth are not even seen. Also many ads are using models with gaps now, and the perfect teeth thing is not a big thing anymore in modeling. If you got even teeth, that's great, if you don't, it's not a big thing. It won't hold you back, not if you are ambitious.

I have come to grips with my not perfectly straight teeth and gap and overbite. I have learned to work with it, and smile all the time with confidence, because even if your teeth are not perfect you can still express your energy, friendly attitude, upbeat persona and why you make a print model in your photos.

No matter how your teeth look, you should get a beauty shot done, a close up of your face as shot that has the essence of a beauty shot. Showing teeth or not.

You aren't alone, Lauren Hutton, Lara Stone have gap between their teeth, and here are a list of other models with gap teeth.

When should you get professional photos done question answered

A girl on facebook recently asked me: "I'm a little confused as to when I need to get professional pictures done. I noticed that some agencies prefer to see candid snapshots as opposed to pro pics. But then other agencies request the submission of professional headshots, etc. Should I start with snapshots and go from there? I'm trying to avoid paying for pro pics twice."

All professional print modeling agencies, (not fashion agencies but commercial print modeing agencies,) prefer you usually to mail a compcard in the postal snail mail. Which means you should start producing your photos as soon as you want a print modeling agency to represent you. Also it is more professional when you mail a comp card with professional photos to an agency vs. snap shots. Also for your own good it is best to have a compcard because the majority of print modeling agencies do not make compcards for you. They will use the cards you provide for the agency to use.

It might sound a bit complicated and the truth of print modeling is very different than fashion modeling. In Fashion Modeling the agents provide marketing materials and are more hands-on with their models...for Print Modeling it is totally different. A shorter girl will find opportunities in Commercial Print Modeling and a shorter girl needs a compcard to start her submissions to agencies, the comp card is her marketing tool, for getting the agency in the first place, and also using that comp card for castings.

I think you should get professional photos done the moment you are considering working as a model, and after you do some more research on what print modeling is and how to work as a model, you should set up a photo shoot with a professional photographer. It is better to go to the shoot with a plan and know ahead of time the type of photos you need and the type of modeling you want to do, so you don't waste time and money. Tips for the photos you need are here:

No matter what modeling is tough, a lot of hands on work, and a shorter girl really does a lot more of the marketing and hands on production and creating of her photos. Like an actor creates a headshot a model needs her compcard, even before the agency, because the compcard presents that you "can" model, and shows the agency how you look in photographs. The photos should give a sense of your personality, because print agencies like to see that.

It is a "make it happen for your self" world. It is a "do it yourself" world now.

It takes investing in yourself, time and money to get legit opportunities. The world is full of scams because more and more girls want to be models, which means...more scams. So here are some posts on why you need a compcard and creating the right photos for it, and how to market yourself and compcard:

The more you put into your pursuits the more you get. Aim high!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

hallelujah Vogue Curvy has launched

hallelujah Vogue Curvy has launched at Vogue Italia's website, featuring plus-size and curvy beauties and proving that style has no size requirement.

I am not sure if Vogue Curvy would feature a shorter curvy model, but the site is a step. Check it out here:

Photography concepts for Shorter Models Video

In this video I share how aspiring models can use lifestyle magazine to get inspired for creating their own marketable photos.

It is best to turn down my podcast radio show player on the right side, scroll on right side to do so, or follow this link to my Youtube page:

Photography concepts for Shorter Models

Shannon Murray made me smile today Debenhams uses diverse sized models

I discovered Shannon Murray today and I am glad I did. She might be in a wheelchair, but that doesn't matter, she is also model on a mission; she is an inspiration. She has appeared on the popular UK television show "How to Look Good Naked” and many other television shows, and won the UK's first ever modeling competition for disabled people called "Model in a Million".

Tamara Abraham, from The Daily Mail, recently shared that the Debenhams deparment store is the first High Street retailer to use a disabled model in its advertising campaigns. In the campaign "Miss Murray will join three other models in the campaign: Kate Fullman, who is a size 16, Tess Montgomery, a petite 5ft 4in model and Tokumbo Daniel, who is a size 10." I am excited Debenhams has put diversity out there. I hope it spreads to other stores and countries.

Read more about Shannon here:

On her blog it recently read:


Just home from a brilliant busy day, a really great photoshoot.
I can't go into much detail yet, not until after the launch next week, but suffice to say it was a first....

There was a fabulous crew on board, everyone was so lovely and supportive.
Usually I don't feel particularly nervous ahead of photo shoots, I've been modelling for over 14 years, but this time it was different. It is a first and as I was getting ready in hair and make up, the potential of this shoot really struck me ; another small step towards inclusion and representation of disability. I hope the images challenge a few misconceptions about disability; it's been a long time coming.

More to come next week....

I wrote a book there, & couple gets married at Apple store- omg!

As you most likely already know by now, I wrote my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" at the Apple Store in NYC, well guess what, this couple recently got married in an Apple Store!

I am actually engaged right now, which is ironic, but I will most likely not be married in the Apple store. I still visit the stores though.

I was plugged in this article in The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age about the couple's vows in the Apple store:

You can find another video of the couple getting married with audio here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Model Talk Radio Segment: Modeling Photography for all sizes: beauty, scars and self promotion

Modeling Photography for all sizes: beauty, scars and self promotion

This weeks segment of Model Talk Radio is called: Modeling Photography for all sizes: beauty, scars and self promotion.

When: 7pm EST Live 2/24/10 or listen anytime to the archive.

Isobella shares tips on creating your model photos and marketing them. And how to bring the best you forward in photos. And even how to put a scar to use as an aspiring model. Isobella advises that what you show in your photos represents what you can do, and showing in your photos you can model is how you get opportunities. Unlike what the media can expose about modeling and models, an aspiring model needs a compcard and professional photos ahead of time, before the agency. Isobella goes into detail on the step by step process of getting quality photography and marketing your photos to get opportunities as a model no matter your height.

Follow this link to listen:

Her modeling memoir called Almost 5'4" is based on being a shorter than average model. The memoir recently hit the UK through The Friday Project, an imprint of HarperCollins. You can also find Almost 5'4" on Amazon and Isobella is also the author of her fashion illustrated graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior". Her books can be found on and and in bookstores.

The Petite of the Week is Amanda

Girls of all ages and sizes are finding modeling opportunities by marketing what they do have. With that in mind, I am excited to announce that The Petite of the Week is Amanda! She sent me some insight on working as a teen model and I think it will inspire you.

"Hi! My name is Amanda and I’m 14 years old and just starting out in the modeling business. I love fashion, makeup, and beauty. I am about to be signed with an agency and cannot wait for all the great modeling jobs to come my way! I’m looking to become a commercial/fashion print model because I would love to be in magazines or catalogs and to be a role model for girls of all ages or sizes. Being petite should not be an obstacle to becoming a model!"

I agree!

She looks like she stepped out of an Alloy catalog shoot and a Teen Vogue beauty editorial.

Model go-to-spot for 24 hour manicures

Have you heard of the Hairparty24hr Salon? It is a hair salon and they give manicures 24 hours a day!

Located at 76 Madison Avenue on 28th St. New York, NY 10016

If you have a last minute casting or booking this would be a good place to stop by, anytime of day.

Check out the services here:

Quick Manicure $13

My blog readers get a 20% off Allison Izu Jeans

Looking for a cute pair of jeans for Spring?? My blog readers get a 20% off discount for Allison Izu Jeans. The coupon code is "F10Almost54" for an additional 20% off their purchase (minimum order of $100). FREE Shipping for purchases of $99 or more!! YAY, I love jeans!

Check out the collection here:

When you make your purchase, send me a photo of you in your jeans and this spring be featured on this blog. Email:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How female lifestyle magazines can inspire models

If you are under 5'7" lifestyle magazines will become a good friend. To get inspired for the type of photos you need for print modeling it is best to observe ads and editorials that involve the face, the personality, smiles, and energy of the model. Not the pout, attitude, or high fashion latest trends, but instead focus on where models of all types, sizes and ages are used to model products. In the latest issue of Glamour magazine I noticed these ads that show the models personality and also an assortment of products, from coffee, Orajel, Tide, and beauty. Ads where it isn't about the models height. Observe these ads, and use images like this as a guide for the type of photos you should include on your comp card as an aspiring model, especially if you are petite. Also this post from my blog about photography for shorter models can inspire you. - isobella
P.s: My tips on about how shorter models can look longer in photos here.

being shorter in modeling

Being shorter in modeling is not about what you can't do, it is about putting to use what you do have. Sure, we'd all love to be in a Gucci campaign, but that's not everything in modeling. Models are all types, but you have to see it that way and seek it out in the right ways and create marketable photos and try towards the right agencies. Strive. Try. Be. Become. Do. Grow. Gain.

Monday, February 22, 2010

DESIGNER FEATURE: Petite Jeans by Allison Izu

This is awesome. I recently discovered jeans designer Allison Izu, she is original, creative, and knows petite women. She is one. Standing only 5'2" she launched her jeans collection catered towards a shorter girl, and I recently asked her some questions about her collection and designing for the vertically challenged (like me!). She also is offering my readers an additional 20% off their purchase, see below!!! :)

Isobella Jade: Allison, you have an amazing collection of jeans and you use petite models to model your jeans because they are meant for a petite fit, what do you look for when casting a model? Also can you give us some behind the scenes of the photo-shoot?

Allison Izu: Moving forward I want to shoot my jeans on different sizes models, of different ethnicities and ages. I want to show my clothing on all types of petite women, because that is what I believe the brand is for, every woman who is 5'5" and shorter.

I love photo shoots, it's one of my favorite jobs as a fashion designer. Its fun and creative - and the models are always up to trying new & innovative things. I love to work with models who are fun and energetic! Most of the time, I am running around like a crazy person, touching up makeup, pulling jeans straight, fixing hair, etc. But its still a lot if fun!

IJ: Shopping for jeans can be hell when you are short, can you share some tips that can help a shorter girl look taller in her jeans? What should she look for when shopping for jeans?

AI: I think first of all know your body. You have to try on all styles, so you can figure out what fits your body best, I like to recommend a darker denim, with a straighter silhouette. And if you can find a jean with a higher waist, it will definitely elongate your legs.

I also think you should try on as many brands and styles, and bring the shoes you will be wearing with the jeans. If it is a "going out with the girls" jeans then bring your stilettos, or if it is the jeans you are wearing while lounging at home, or at the coffee shop, then bring your comfortable ballet flats.

If you are not able to find jeans that are the perfect length for you, then I recommend washing your jeans first before going to hem them.

IJ: I really like your PANIO LOW RIDER: Bootcut, UK ZIPPED: Super Skinny style, and your UK ZIPPED CAPRI looks super cute with a pair of heels for Spring/Summer. What styles do you think a petite girl should be sure to check out from your collection?

AI: I try to design for different body types & personalities, which is why I usually do a trouser jean, and higher-waisted jean with a wide leg, a bootcut, a skinny, and now a super skinny. I hope everyone will be able to find a style which suits their body. But I think the most popular is usually the Trouser (Honolulu jean) and the Straight-Skinny (Kolohe). I personally wear the UK zipped all the time! It's a casual jean for me with flats and then I can wear them tucked into boots for Fall, or with some sexy stilettos for a night out. I think they are so fun & versatile.

I think you should have fun and try on as many styles and sizes as you like. We pay for your first return, so I tell people to order 2 sizes & different styles to see what works.

I'd love to give your readers a discount coupon to my online store. The coupon code is "F10Almost54" for an additional 20% off their purchase (minimum order of $100). FREE Shipping for purchases of $99 or more.

IJ: WOW! Thank you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grace Coddington March Vogue 2010

I read many magazines, and I suggest aspiring shorter models read lifestyle magazines for inspiration for their photos, however I read Vogue for the artistic eye and art direction, and to view the work of creative director Grace Coddington. Wow, amazing, beautiful, maybe Grace had Avatar in mind for the March issue of Vogue.

I'd like to read a book on this branch dangle my feet in the stream. March Vogue go Grace

The model mindset for all sizes

A question I often get is "how do I find a modeling agency?" Many girls who reach out to me are at the start of their pursuits and curious about "if they have what it takes to model?"

My answers are always based on "the work you put in" and "knowing your self".

At the start of my own pursuits I encountered many mistakes, approached the wrong agencies, had the wrong photos. All experiences which I learned from. But every step towards the tearsheets and opportunities I later gained came from my own hard work, research time, and the investment in myself.

Finding a modeling agency, especially if you are not fashion height, starts with a mindset that models are not all tall. And understanding that: not all working models are signed exclusively to fashion modeling agencies. There are many, many print modeling agencies out there that work with models of all sizes, but you have to seek them out and on this blog I have listed many agencies for girls of all sizes to pursue in many different cities. I would aim high in a realistic way and approach print modeling agencies with your compcard.

Here is a post on the photos you need for your submissions to agencies.

Working with a modeling agency comes down to your own prep work. The work you put in to create your professional photos and create your compcards, and then promote yourself to the right agencies. Finding a modeling agency is about finding out where you fit into this modeling business, and marketing your self in that direction.

Approaching the modeling agency in a professional way, which brings results, starts with knowing your self and knowing what is marketable about your self as a model.

How you present yourself in photos to a modeling agency, can mean you will get a call and a meeting and an opportunity to work with the modeling agency, or not.

Creating your modeling photos first takes a lot of self analyzing and also observing ads for lifestyle products, commercials, and editorials in lifestyle magazines, and noticing where models are used of all sizes. The more you show you "can model something," the better.

But remember the work you put in and the belief in your self is the biggest part to finding opportunities as a model, no matter your height.

Here is a post on the 6 differences between fashion models and non-fashion models:

And here is the difference between exclusive and non-exclusive modeling:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fashion News that caught my eye

Department store in UK launches size 16 mannequins in shop windows to reflect shape of average woman-- I think this is great and I like that their trying but the proportions in the image within the article seem a bit off. I do think more stores should have different variations of mannequins, however I have never seen a petite mannequin, I would like to see one day, read more here:

"If we push this any skinnier, any thinner, then they are going to have to widen the runway so this person can have a feeding tube on wheels," says Lynn Grefe, chief executive officer of the National Eating Disorders Association.
Read more:

Attack of the Size 4 Model:

Here is an article in the NYTIMES called Going All Lengths for Lashes. I think $5 mascara can do the trick + an eyelash curler, --lash serum and lash enhancing products make me nervous.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Model Photo Review tips for making a comp card

Often girls ask me to review their photos, and pick the ones I think would make a good model comp card. When I have extra time I do help out. Today I went through images of two girls and shared why their photos were working and why they weren't, I picked the best, and noticed some of the same things going on. It is a common thing to "just take a cute photo" but there is a different between "even a creative, interesting photo" and "one that will help you as a print model."

Here are some tips for picking the right photos for your comp card.

Let's start with this example of two photos of myself, one would work for a print modeling comp card and one would not.

Can you tell which?

While the one with the makeup, hair and funky bikini top (I made that actually), is a fun photo to look at, the photo that will not appeal to a print modeling agency. The one where I am smiling will, showing you can put your personality to use to sell a product, is best.

The more your photos show your personality the better. Also close up beauty shots are important for a print model to have. Focus on marketing your self with shots that show you modeling a project naturally and with ease. Looking like the photo is an ad, looking like you can model for something.

Taking a cool photo isn't enough. Creating "marketable photos" is the way.

Comp card tip: To print compcards and headshots I've uses mention to them I refered you, but don't make a comp card until you have professional photos that market you well towards realistic modeling opportunities, and think of what the print agency wants to see,- it is your smile and personality. Also always see a proof of your comp card in person, snail mailed to you so you can make sure the colors look natural. Sometimes colors on the computer screen do not look as appealing when printed, always see a proof in person.

walking around chinatown today

After I gave a man directions to Mott Street, then I realized I sent him the wrong way. A few seconds later I saw my reflection and snapped it with my iPhone, and a bit down the street I saw this!

showing you can model to get opportunities

I strongly believe that no matter your size, ethnicity or age, if you want to model products it is possible. However you have to show within your photos that you can model before you get opportunities. And you have to accept what you have to offer as a model, and focus on what you are.


The winner of the beauty & book contest is Krystiana!


Krystiana is the winner of the beauty & book contest. This week I held a contest that asked aspiring models to email me their beauty shots, may the best beauty shot win. The Prize: Win a copy of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4", which recently d├ębuted in the UK through an imprint of HarperCollins, and also Origins GinZing eye cream.

A beauty shot is a must-have shot no matter your height. Height has nothing to do with being a beauty model, and a great example of a pretty beauty shot is what Krystiana has going on in the photo above which shows her natural beauty, --I like the expression in her eyes.

More contests coming soon! Next time is might be a pair of shoes!

Five Steps to get ahead as a Short Model

Modeling as a shorter girl is tough, that's for sure, but I am a big believer in making things happen for your self, and for a shorter girl that is the way to get ahead as a model. Here are five tips towards getting ahead as a shorter girl.

Five Steps to get ahead as a Short Model

Modeling as a shorter girl is tough, that's for sure, but I am a big believer in making things happen for your self, and for a shorter girl that is the way to get ahead as a model. Here are five tips towards getting ahead as a shorter girl.

Spend on your goals, invest on your pursuits.
When ever I made money in modeling I always put it right back into my pursuits. With new compcards, printing new portfolio prints, getting a new portfolio, and much more, especially the beauty and body up keep. A shorter girl has to get her comp card together and marketing tools to get ahead, it is NUMBER 1. (by the way: A comp card will get you further than a website when it comes to working with an agent, real brands and attending real castings, focus on having these marketing tools as your first step.)

Number 2, it doesn't matter if you know the latest trends in fashion or every top models name and their story by heart, but you do have to have an understanding of your own self. Understanding where you fit into this modeling industry is a big part of finding opportunities when you are not giraffe tall. The more you know yourself and focus on realistic goals, the better. There is more to modeling, and working as one, than just fashion, the runway, and having long limbs. Make sure you know your assets. If you do not know your assets you should consider thinking about what type of products you could see yourself realistically modeling for and spend some time focusing on putting your: great eyes, hair, personality, smile, to use as a model --with photos that compliment your assets.

Because number 3 is creating photos that sell you and if you know what you can realistically model for you can create photos that will better target the areas you can get ahead. Commercial print modeling is the area for a shorter girl. Focus on getting the shots you need by understanding what you do not need. You don't need:
-Shots that involve a lot of makeup on your face. (Even for beauty and cosmetic ad opportunities you want to focus on a beauty shot that has a natural look, not heavy cakey makeup.The client wants to see your face honestly and clearly before they hire you.)
-You do not need a high fashion shot. You do not need a shot that shows you in a high fashion pose, or pouting or with a strong serious face, instead flaunt your smile, and observe lifestyle product ads that show models smiling in them to get inspired.
-You don’t need a modeling school or need to learn how to walk. Print agencies work with models of all sizes not based on how well they walk. Print models are hired for their personality and approachable look, clear skin and healthy hair, print models are hired because their look that fits the product’s personality as well, which is usually about being friendly or happy and showing expression in a commercial print ad.
-Skip the glamour shots, and watch out for overly sexy photos because these shots that turn off a commercial print modeling agency. If you want to model swimwear make it still show your spunk and personality in a pretty way, look at magazine editorials you'd see in Glamour, Marie Claire, Cosmo or Allure, or similar to what you’d see on the Macy’s, Target, or Alloy catalog or ad. Even if you are modeling swimwear or under garments in print modeling, usually it is still more conservative, so think health, beauty, fitness when creating your body shots.

Although it is a hustle and a lot of work to get comp cards, get a portfolio, get photos and mail your comp cards out to agencies, it is the way for a short girl. There are no open calls in print modeling. Submissions are still by postal mail even in this Internet-age. And having a comp card makes you appear more professional and ready for castings and bookings, when mailing the agency. Working non-exclusive with print agencies is the lifestyle of a shorter model, however you can work with more than one agency non-exclusively. Shorter models do not typically find exclusive representation until they are more established perhaps.

The 4th step is self promotion and marketing. Getting the attention of an agency usually doesn’t happen overnight. It might take more than one comp card submission and mailing to an agency to get a meeting, sometimes it takes 3-4-5-6 or more submissions to even the same modeling agency over the course of a few years to hear back, at last! Many girls go through months and years of submissions before hearing back at all. So be aggressive with your mailings, update your compcards, improve your photos, mail them out again, try again, but also strive to get some experience on your own through approaching aspiring brands and designers (especially accessories designers), attend tradeshows, and network with those who are ambitious and trying to get ahead, growing their brand and get the right exposure and tear-sheets too. Strive to only shoot with professional photographers, and those who are serious about the craft of photography, and even if it takes a bit longer stay true to your goals and focus on getting them achieved. Through this attitude, I even gained a few tear-sheets in magazines through photographers that worked with magazines and were ambitious to get published as well. After I had experience modeling for a magazine, aspiring brands and designers, it was easier to market myself to modeling agencies because I had proof that despite my height I had been hired and modeled for a respected national magazine and growing brands. It was very grassroots and self-inspired and my actions lead me to get the work I get today. It takes a very focused and ambitious mindset to get your own opportunities, and at the same time it takes being skeptical, careful, honest with yourself, realistic, and a positive attitude, to self promote in the proper ways that will benefit your modeling pursuits.

The 5th step should really be a part of the first step. Skip the Internet all together for your model promotion. The Internet is amateur for modeling. Trust me, I wrote a whole book about my ins and outs about using the internet as a model, and the majority is a waste of time. Focus on the professional and being one, and you get more.

Also see this post based on five jobs where height doesn't matter and some self promotion tips:


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On Model Talk Radio: Why Modeling isn't just for one size or type

This week's segment of Model Talk Radio is based on Why Modeling isn't just for one size or type.

You can listen live 2/17 at 1:00 PM here, or enjoy the archive anytime:

On the show Isobella shares realistic modeling opportunities for all sizes and ages and how the advertising industry as changed the word "model" and what it means to be one. Isobella shares the first photos any model needs and how to get the attention of a modeling agency, she also shares why "thighs" are suddenly in. Her modeling memoir based on being a shorter than average model called: Almost 5'4", recently hit the UK through The Friday Project, an imprint of HarperCollins. Isobella is also the author of her fashion illustrated graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior".

Check out the show here.

Her books can be found on and and in bookstores.

By the way, her sponsor on Blogtalkradio is offering a 30 days free trial to her listeners and business owners. is for online meetings for business client meetings or internal conferences, click here for free trial:

The Petite of the Week is Michelle


Proving height isn't everything the Petite of the Week is Michelle. She was recently featured modeling in a fashion spread for SF Indie Fashion.

You can check it out here:

Favorite Macy's Spring 2010 picks

These are some of my favorite Macy's Spring 2010 Picks that will look good on all sizes. If you can only splurge on a few things, get a hat, an over-sized tee, a vest, some tights, and a knit dress, to bring some flair to something you already own. I will be wearing my knit dress, can't wait! :)

The Knit Dress, I.N.C $99:
The over-sized tee and leggings are hot! CAROLINA AMATO T-SHIRT: $72, MIRROR MIRROR LEGGINGS: $50



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Think twice before posing for photographer's portfolio

A girl on Facebook recently told me she was going to shoot with a photographer and she would be “shooting for his portfolio.”

Well first you should only work with a photographer that has a professional photography business, as in this person makes their living off photography. Also the photographer should have published work, work from working with magazines, product ads, catalogs, etc. Shooting for a photographer's portfolio can be a waste of time if the photographer is not established.  I am mostly against most TFP.

I would do research on the photographer, their work, and make sure they know what print modeling is.

I wouldn't jump into the shoot, I would think twice before posing for a photographer’s portfolio.

Posing for The Photographer's Portfolio doesn't promise you will get anything of benefit for yourself and your own modeling goals. If you know the photos you need to excel as a model you will be better off, and the photos you need to start with are quite simple actually.  Focus on what you need for your model marketing when it comes to photography, and you have a better shot at your modeling opportunity.

For print model these simple shots are what you need to focus on:
Focus on your face shots, your shots that show personality, and modeling products within your photos. Showing you can model something, a handbag, shoes, earrings, a cell phone, a cup of coffee, show your personality, and you will be picked up by a print agency sooner. Sometimes something that "sounds good" or "sounds too good to be true" is. And just shooting to shoot doesn't help your pursuits. Strive for more, aim for professionalism and focus on the photos YOU really need that will best market you and your goals.

Also, keep in mind, the Internet-age might seem like the easier way to find photographers and promote yourself, but mostly, if not always, that route is full scams. So beware of TFP, and of course I would skip the Internet ads, websites, and model-sites, as well and amateurs. Get a comp card, focus on the photos you need, your experience will be better. and more productive.

Before you get in front of the camera here are some tips of what to ask the photographer and things to avoid all together.

Aspiring models should read this: Coco Rocha

“It took me a long time in the business to realize I didn’t have to do everything people told me I should if I wanted a career.”- Coco Rocha

I recently read this article in the New York Times about sizing up models, featuring model Coco Rocha (Mikhaila Rocha) and her thoughts on her own size and working as a model, and I think it is a great article for aspiring models, check it out here: