Thursday, January 7, 2010

The word model

The word model is not purely based on height or size, it involves modeling a product for somethat that people all ages and sizes use, fashion might be all that the media talks about but don't it hold you back. Models of all types of working, and marketing your self properly means looking deeper at your self and what the word model really means. It means modeling something, and that something is full of many brands of many types that need different types of models. Focus on marketing your assets, things that are marketable about you more than height, what you give, put in, reflects what you get and achieve, let it inspire you.

photo: Robert Caldarone.

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Michelle Ruiz said...

I've learned from you that most importantly believing that you have something to offer the product will make or break you as a professional model. That's the real self confidence. Not being told you're "hot" by creepy internet guys.