Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Fashion Favorites: Driving Gloves if only I could drive

This Winter 2010, Driving Gloves and Riding Gloves are a fashion favorite accessory of mine. The thing is I can't spend a lot on gloves, usually I lose one glove on the subway, walking in the street or one gets lost at the bottom of my bag until Spring. So, here are some finds from the web, for under $50. Be Inspired.

It won't hurt to bring some color to your black coat and bundle up with some color from a pair of driving gloves. (also if you are a hand model, you should be aware of your glove size as well).

You might wonder, what are Driving and Riding Gloves? Well you don't have to just wear them when you drive, or be on a horse~the style of these gloves are fitted gloves and they cut off usually at the wrist.
Aldo gray driving gloves, DRAPIA, $25.

Or get fancy with these Forever 21 Sequined Gloves, $12.

By the way, I like to hit up H&M for accessories and gloves, and found a very cute cream colored pair last year which I still wear very often.

You can even find them on, like these Ladies Lambskin Leather Driving Gloves by GRANDOE.

These Wool riding gloves ar pretty cute, only $19 on Amazon as well:

Now if I dare spend more than $50 on gloves these Crochet and Leather Driving Gloves By Fratelli Orsini, are what I would get:

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