Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UK England Commercial print modeling agencies - A Modeling resource

Since my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" is coming out in the UK on Feb 4th, 2010, I am thinking more and more about the modeling opportunities out there in other countries and the opportunities for shorter girls, (if there are any).

Well, I found that there is a lot more out there than just Storm, and Premier.

I did some research on modeling agencies the UK market which a girl could consider if she is under 5'7".

Self promotion and living in New York City has helped my own pursuits in many ways. However, no matter where you live, where there are brands, magazines, business thriving, there is a need for marketing and advertsing and where there is this need, there is a need for models. So, keep this in mind when making your submissions by postal mail to print modeling agencies in England. I noticed on my book cover the word modeling is spelled 'modelling' so I took this into consideration as well when hunting.

What I did was Google: modelling casting agencies london

Also I searched the words "modelling in england" and "print modelling in england"
You could also google "talent agencies england/ london" as well. It took more than a few minutes and the results were not found in a few seconds or from one single search, it took some research to find legit agencies for all sizes and ages. For non-fashion models. Here are tips on knowing if the agency is legit.

1. They do not charge you to join the agency or work with them.
2. They accept photos by postal mail.
3. They work with models of all sizes, ethnicties, and types.
4. anything that says "be discovered today!" is a scam.

I do not live in London or the UK, but from my web search these seem good agencies and places that are good to start submitting photos and model compcard to ( also if you can put in the work to create your own headshots and photos at the start you will prevent scams, legit agencies that want to work with you will at least take the photos and compcard you have and TRY to work with it, until you can improve them. Take the agency suggestions but don't expect a major contract or someone to baby you through the process, modeling when you are not of fashion height it involves a lot of hands on work.

Yes there are other agencies, but I am being real picky, and I am only looking for agencies that work with lifestyle, print models, models of all ages and types. When I see a smile on the website, and when it is not just fashion type photos, it is a sign it is what I am looking for. Not fashion, not glamour, but commercial print:




Children modeling and teens: http://www.juniormm.com/howtojoinus.asp

Print models, adults, babies, children, teens:

Plus size models, print models, and all ages: http://www.modelsplus.com/

Modeling agency for the unconventional, tattoos and wild hair, all types and ages:

Parts modeling in UK, including full body, feet an, beauty, eyes, lips and hand modeling:

Submit to these agencies by postal mail some photos, a compcard, and cross your fingers, if you do not hear back don't get discouraged, because if you really want to do something, work as a model, you have to keep hustling. Try submitting again in a couple months with some new images, a better headshot, always aim higher and strive to be a better you and model.


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Ebony Vaughn said...

Good tips..thanx

Eboni said...

Do you think modeling agencies in the UK are open to representing models from the States by way of direct booking?

How does that work?

I love ur book, by the way

Unknown said...

aww I am glad you liked my book. I wanted to let you know that I got your comment and question.

I don't think an agency in the UK would be inclined to work with a model from the States unless she moved to the UK, or was with a fashion agency here, or an agency already established in the states that had a relationship with an agency over in the UK, then maybe the agencies could work something out with the model if there was a chance to market her there. usually this sort of thing would happen with fashion agencies, but not as often with print agencies.
As for direct booking, I doubt a legit agency would work with a model from the US without it being through a professional agency here in the US. Anything else could be a scam.


Lucie Montserrat said...

Hi ! Love your blog
Do you know agencies in Paris ? I'm a french girl. There are famous ones but it's fashion modeling, not print. How to find that kind of agencies ?
Thanks for your help

Lucie Montserrat said...

Love your blog !
Do you know how to find print agencies in Paris ? I'm a french girl. Everywhere I go, they say i'm short and fat. I have a nice portfolio with more than 3 years of good pictures. I need an agency. There are famous ones in Paris but it's fashion, so tall and skinny models. What is the french equivalent for print agencies ? Thanks for your help !

Rebecca said...

I'm from the USA but would be willing to move for a time period in my life if modeling opportunities for myself were available in the UK. If I send out my comp card to a UK agency and they want to work with me how do I make sure the work for me over there will be worth while? Would you recommend staying in America or venturing to see what's available? (Also! When sending my comps over there should I include a note "Will be willing to relocate if opportunities are good"...?)

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca, There is no for sure guaranteed success when you work with an agency. The agency books their models based on what the client is looking for. So it really is not easy to say for sure if you will be working a lot while working with one. It all depends. It's hard to say without trying. Sure you can send comp cards to agencies, however I wouldn't move to a country or city without having a backup plan, most print modeling agencies and talent agencies do not house their models and provide them with survival means, so rent is up to you and basic survival needs. Modeling is very competitive no matter your height, also it is VERY unstable (it can take 60 days to get paid for a job) so it is always best to have a backup plan for income. I would research the area you are considering to move to, think about your own future goals and ask yourself, "If modeling doesn't work out to be all I hope it will be, can I still survive there?" And "is this city have opportunities where I can use ALL my skill not only modeling?" Again, sure you could mail your photos to agencies to see if there is an interest, but remember even with interest doesn't mean that agency will set you up with a place to live and survival needs. Just want to be honest about that because many print models work non-exclusive with agencies and there is a difference when it comes to the relationship with the agency and what to expect. More is here:

Also I think it's easier to move to a new city to model and adjust and find opportunities when you have experience already. Tearsheets, compcard, and a quality portfolio already prepared because you will be ahead of the crowd of aspiring models which could help your chances to get bookings. I hope this helps, aim high and strive! ~Isobella

Anonymous said...

Hey isobella! I went to a commercial print class in NY taught by a new york agent. after the class the angent was giving us small interviews and a critique on our pcitures. I gave him my two headshots and he said he had absolutely no critique for them and he sees that im ready. The only thing was he asked me if i had flexibility since i live in philly. But, he took down my number because he wanted to work with me! :) we also had a great bond at the interview. I sent him out my resume a couple days later and a thank you note. He hasnt called me and it has been about a month now. Is this bad? Is it common? Will he call when theres a job? would he have called by now? Can i put him down as my agency? im not really sure!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't put him down as your agency yet and if he hasn't called it prob means that work-wise nothing has come up that fits your look or persona, so I would send him another headshot by postal mail and thank him for his time and how it was great to meet him, a little reminder. People get busy and unless a job fits your description usually they won't call. Also when it comes to "putting an agency down as your agency or agent" typically you wouldn't do that until you have another meeting and discuss whether you are working exclusive or non-exclusive together- just because he liked your photos doesn't mean he wants to work with you...yet, within acting and modeling many models and actors work non-exclusive which means you can work with more than one agency but until the agent/ casting director sends you out for a casting or audition I wouldn't put them down as your agency. He took your number because he wants to work with you but until he calls or you chat again in my opinion you are not working together yet. He may be keeping you in mind for future jobs and will call you when something comes up or like I mentioned above reach out to him, send him a headshot in the mail or comp card and remind him your ambitious and of your assets. I hope this helps.