Saturday, January 2, 2010

My issues with Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling is not modeling to me. It is just showing off. The term Glamour modeling has the sound of SLUT. I know the difference becuase as I share in my memoir Almost 5'4" I've had my share of glamour modeling ego boost moments that really never invovled "modeling for something" and really " doing modeling." Most of the time I was just something for men to look at. And that to me doesn't make you a model.

Sounds more like a photographic tease. I am VERY against glamour modeling, especially in these Internet-age where showing ass suddenly means you are a model. I just don't believe in that.

I know shorter models can be more if they want to be more. They can be more than a girl showing off on the web. Some options would be using their bodies for something more.

Modeling for lingerie companies (there are many lingerie brands not just VS) that work with all types of models.

As a parts model, put your curves to use to model for skincare ads, and sun tan lotions, editorials in health, fitness and cosmetic stories in magazines.

Put your pretty face and personality to use striving to model for handbags, jewelry, and for something that is a real "modeling for something" job.

Showing off a photo on the Internet doesn't mean you are a model, and if you have an interest in more sensual type photography consider at least editorial work or modeling for something legit, aiming higher for a opportunity in a print magazine.

However just being a glamour model, doesn't mean much unless you can translate that into more opportunities and more opportunities mean more self-marketing.

Many girls get to be in men's magazines but few can build a successful career and stability around just showing their ass. Also it is short lived, and can prevent you from other opportunities if you are only the hot ass on the block.

I glanced over this article about this internet glamour model and she said she wanted to be in female fashion magazines and wondered why it has taken so long. It was because she only had shots of her ass, half naked out there. And female readers and fashion magazine editors, don't typically want to showcase that in their magazines. Your photos will need a majortransformation from the glamour side to the commercial print and editorial side and professional side of modeling.

Most mainstream advertised products out there, don't use glamour-type models. And many brands do like to keep it clean, and keel crotch out of their ad camapaign. So if you want to work with more brands, and really model for something, and make more out of your pursuits, then you should consider all aspects of modeling.

Just because you are short doesn't mean you have to show your ass. Just because you are itty bitty, or not fashion height doesn't mean you have to only be something for a man to look at. You can be more. If you want.

Glamour modeling is so easy as well, just get in a thong and arch and stick it out, but how boring does that get time and time again, and also it doesn't lead to the goals I have. The last thing I want to be is a glamour model of today.

Today Glamour models are not Marilyn Monroe's they appear with no class, bitchy, slutty, they are "umm, umm, umm, ok" girls.

I have a GREAT BODY, I am totally comfortable with it, but that doesn't mean I am going to degrade it, and only be known as a piece of ass. (I have a great behind, but it doesn't define me) My personality, my mind, my whole self is what I market, not just one piece of me.

The higher you aim, the more you claim! :)


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