Saturday, January 2, 2010

Model Sites are a bad place for new models to get their start

The Internet is misleadng and I hope girls find my blogs before the amatuer land of what the word model is on the internet. I am on a mission to make you aware that model-sites are a waste of time. My goal is that model-sites discontinue, and that the "showing off" amatuer culture on model-sites dies out.

When I was very new to the word model I made many modeling mistakes with amatuers, and even wrote a book about it called Almost 5'4", in the book I share how I strived to beat the odds and be professional and the bullshit and jerks, growth, and success I did encounter after-all.

Not giving up was a number one message, but also the realization that being realistic but at the same time staying ambitous and wanting more for your self, respecting your self, and aiming higher is better.

Please don't be mislead by your curiosity to be a model, that it leads you to make mistakes and waste time with model-sites. Also it could end up being embarrassing later, because images that are downloaded don't ever leave the web, even if you delete your profile or account.

Images stay.

You can even still find some crappy photos of me from my early pursuits STILL on the Internet even after distancing myself from those days in my manner and pursuits and with all that I am doing now.

The word amatuer is a word to stay away from if you are serious about your pursuits.
Model Sites such as and ModelMayhem are not professional outlets to market yourself as a model. They are for amatuers, and this doesn't lead to professionalism. In my early pursuits I did use these websites, however there were many, many, many more low moments than high ones, and even potencial life threatening moments as well.

Sure, we live in this Internet-Age, where talent is discovered on the web but the depth that fame is more than often short lived. Modeling agencies are not hunting talent on the web, and those that are usually are scams, brands are not typically finding their models for their ad campaigns on the web, --there are those select circumstances, but the most legit and valuable modeling opportunities didn't come from an Internet casting or model-site approach. If you are banking on the model-site as a way to be discovered then you might as well not even start.

Being realistic with yourself is best. If you want to show off fine, but don't call your self a professional model until you are really trying to do the right things to get professional opportunities.

Just posting your photo won't make you a model.

If you didn't ask for stamps and envelopes for Christmas you should consider investing in some now. Get a stamp, get a compcard, some envelopes, and mail, mail, mail, print modeling agencies and legit opportunities, the real stuff is not found on the Internet.

P.s: Being the hottest ass on the Internet doesn't mean you are a model either. A model models something, is hired, to model for the marketing or editorial purposes of a brand or magazine, and it is a respected magazine, and it is a respectable product.

P.s.s: Being cute, hot, called pretty, should not be the reason you want to model. Modeling, showing photos should not be a crutch for self esteem. It is a bad idea and usually if this is the reason to model it leads to more tears than happiness.

P.s.s.s: Here is more insight on why petite models are the ones more likely to join Model-sites and why I think model-sites should be illegal:

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