Monday, January 11, 2010

Marketing your self as a model, magazines and brands

Ok, so you have a modeling agency. (or maybe you don't), and the agency is not calling, well you don't have to sit on your butt. If you are shorter your contract with the print agency is typically non-exclusive which means the agency will market you with the compard you give them or headshot/photos, but you are able to also work with other agencies, and market your self to other modeling opportunities.

Marketing your self as a model takes work, time, and mostly research and the right approach. It is best to market yourself with quality, professional photos only, and recently a girl asked me on Facebook: "I'm starting to market myself instead of waiting for my manager to do it. I was just wondering, when sending pictures and a resume to magazines/brands who do you send it to exactly?"

My reply might also inspire you:
photo editor usually at magazines, however make sure you send proper photos that match the vibe of the magazine online or your compcard. Mention in a small note or notecard your assets, Ex: I would often mentin I had nice skin for editorials on beauty or nice body for fitness, etc. keep it shorter, add your phone number, and email but no social sites or websites. It can come off amatuer.

At brands, the marketing manager or person in charge of marketing is best to get in touch with. (usually on a brands website you can find the pr or marketing person)
However I suggest this only for models who have professional photos and already KNOW how to model and are serious about it. Not just curious.

For a model with some or little experience it helps to approch aspiring handbag, jewerly, scarf, hats, designers. Mention why you like the brand, and don't expect to be paid a ton because most top brands known nationally already work with agency models, but if you approach a brand at the start of your business ventures they might consider hiring you, keep in mind the budget might not be high for the job.

This is of course the unconventional way to promote your self as a model, and it takes ALOT of research,time, work, professionalism, and your own marketing mindset.

I also suggest you work with, reach out to professional photographers, those who are serious about photography and the craft of photography. Aim higher and expect the pursuit of modeling to be a process. The more professional your photos are, and the more fitting they are to the brand or magazine you are targeting the better.

Still it is unconventional, many magazines and even aspiring brands use agency models, so continue to submit to print modeling and casting directors as well.

I think it is good you are interested in self promotion and don't let the no's discourage you, stay pumped, keep trying. It takes time.


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