Friday, January 1, 2010

The Marketing Before the Model and Product

While sipping coffee, and wearing his shirt, I was discussing with my fiance' on this first today of 2010, on how brands should think of the marketing before the product is even made.

Many retailers produce too much product that does sell well. I just think of the waste of fabric, labor, and time. I think it is best to always consider the marketing and the sellablity before an item is put into production. Also consider the cost of production, marketing of the brand, before you set a price for and produce a certain quantity of the product. Also how does a brand expect to sell a product without considering the marketing that will help it's customers know about the brand and products to purchase. You can have a great product, even at a good price and a good quality item, but if no one knows about it, if your customer is not aware, then who cares?

Same with movies. The marketing should be in place before the movie is even made.
So much money gets spent and wasted when the marketing is put as something to consider at the end of the production.

I think of this mindset when it also comes to modeling. Before a girl thinks about working as a model, pursuing it, and gets in front of the camera,she should first think about what she has that is marketable towards editorials, ad campaigns, and what products and types of modeling jobs she could realistically get. Then shape her photos around the answers. This mentality should be carried through-out her pursuits and the production of her compcard and mailing the "right" agencies that work with models like her.

Many girls get infront of the camera too soon, just for the heck of it, and then call themselves models. Then their photos are just on social sites and there they are, without an agency to work with, without a real modeling job, without a marketable compcard, and with photos with bad lighting being commented on by perverts, they wonder why they are not really "working as a model." Well, it is because step one, the very first step was not taken. Don't skips step one of "knowing what is marketable about you and researching the right agencies, and understanding what the word model really means and how it applies to what you are realistically capable of."

I hope this year your goals come closer and you captured them!


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