Wednesday, January 13, 2010

lip modeling and parts modeling

I received this email recently on lip modeling:

I was looking through your blog and I noticed the entry you worte about the girl who asked about being a leg model even though she is short. That got me thinking: People have always told me I have the biggest, most beautiful lips they have ever seen in their life; ones that they would pay to have but I was lucky enough to be born with. Could I possibly be a lip model for make-up or such? Or anything else like that?

My reply:

To start, even if you do not have a close up of your lips if you have a high res photo of your face, a beauty shot, you could crop it and make the focus your lips. Make a compcard focused on your lips and submit it to modeling agencies that focus on PARTS modeling. NOT all agencies have PARTS modeling divisons so I would research PARTS Modeling agencies and print agencies that have a "parts modeling" division for print work and commercial work using your parts! lips!

Strive to create photos that sell your lips in a commercial way. chapstick, lip gloss or just your lips in general, showing expression with your lips too! Happiness, upset, showing teeth, not. You can start with a headshot, and then crop it or have a professional photographer or friend focus on close ups of your lips:

I would also be on the look out for beauty tradeshows, and also reach out to new, and aspiring beauty and cosmetic brands that might be in need of a model to get some experience.

Having photos of your lips, making the photo look like an ad, and getting a compcard made is best for your marketing.

Here is an example for inspiration for making and creating your photos which will then be used on your lip compcard.


Charlotte said...

I have always been given compliments on my lips and are lucky enough to have natural, quite good looking lips.. i have thought about going into parts modeling with them, but im quite chubby and people tell me that i wouldn't be able to, does your weight matter when it comes to modeling your lips ?

Unknown said...

I don't think weight would matter, but you do need proper parts modeling lip photos, I would look at editorials and ads for beauty and skincare to get inspired.