Monday, January 11, 2010

leg modeling even if your pint-size

So what if I am the shortest model in NYC I had a leg modeling casting today, had to walk and show personality with my legs, as if I was hanging out with some friends, and my legs had to express the conversation. See even shorter girls can use their legs to get modeling opportunities but if you do not have a professional ad inspired photo of your legs, forget it. Tip: In modeling your photos should show what you can do, if you don't show it, you most likely won't get booked or the chance to attend the casting at all for it. Here are some photos of my legs which I use for castings like this and for my portfolio, which I arrange for my castings depending on what it is for. If it is for shoes, naturally I show my feet and shoe modeling photos, if it is for beauty I obviously show closeups and facial shots. More tips on model photography and looking longer here:

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