Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's Here! The "Petite of the Week" is Katy

In celebration of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" hitting England in one week!!! I wanted to announce the first Petite of the Week and also feature a petite model from the UK.

The first "Petite of the Week" is Katy, a girl with personality and a cute pixie haircut, from the UK. Through Facebook, she reached out about being a pint-size model. I did some research and found that there ARE commercial print modeling agencies in the UK, and here is the list I found. Katy also recently expressed that she booked a furniture and sofa advertisement in the UK!!

When I asked her about her experience on the job she said, "I was really excited to be working on the furniture commercial with other models. I really enjoyed working with a team of people, and being also in front of a video camera, which was a new experience for me. My height really wasn't important for this type of project; after all, it’s not only people who are 5'8 who use sofas!!! I believe it has more to do with personality and character to model 'lifestyle' products."

Congratulations to Katy for her efforts and being the first Petite of the Week! I am sure she will be someone we hear about again!

If you'd like to be The Petite of the Week, submit to, each week there will be a new shorter model featured who is making strides in modeling despite height! You can live anywhere in the world, and you can be any size.

If you like to read, check out my modeling memoir Almost 5’4” in the US here and also in the UK here, and I think you'll also like my fashion illustrated comic book style graphic novel Model Life,both are based on Petite Pride and modeling for all sizes! If you missed today’s live radio segment on Model Talk Radio, it's ok you can listen to the archive, here is the scoop:
This weeks segment is called: "An Imperfect Model working with imperfections to ahead," it is about knowing yourself as a model and even how you can even work your so-called flaws into your modeling pursuits" Plus tips and advice on model photography and how Natural is Better than Photoshop.

Last weeks segment was based on 5 Modeling Jobs for all Sizes and it co-sides with this blog post as well, Aim high!


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