Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is online exposure "really" good exposure?

The whole online "exposure" and "being seen" thing of the Internet age can be tricky, and I don't think it is the best thing for an aspiring model to strive for. If you have no experience as a model is might seen ideal to use the Internet to get ahead but online exposure is really not the best thing for an aspiring model to obsess over.

Unless it is a catalog shot for Macy's online website or ads, or a known national brand or magazine, a legit company, think twice.

Be careful, skeptical and questioning when considering modeling jobs for online exposure--marketing your self as a model when you are short is about actually getting off the internet, and get the tools real modeling agencies use. A comp card. A headshot. Professional photos. Always.

I believe in self promotion, and aspiring shorter models do need to put some in, before bigger opportunities can come sometimes. To "really" get opportunities to work with brands and magazines, you have to be professional about how you market yourself.

And before you get hyped about an online modeling job at this early stage of your pursuits, ask your self, “How will a modeling agency's eyes see this? How will this job affect the other goals I have? Is this job propelling me forward or just something for my ego, for fun?”

I think it is best to set realistic bigger goals, and then strive to do, accomplish the other little things that can get you there.

Unless the job you are accepting is going to lead you to your bigger goals, then I would skip it.

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