Saturday, January 16, 2010

I still visit the Apple Store sometimes and iPhone

Before going to meet friends last night, I went to the Apple Store, then went to MercBar to have some drinks (the same place I had my book party for Model Life actually), and then I had a great french dinner & wine at cafe Gitane on Mott St last night, Baked Pasta w Proscuitto ($13!) I tried mulled wine ( it is hot, like tea) for the first time, & then lost my cellphone!

Thankfully my contract on my phone expired recently so today, I upgraded from a phone that was taped together ( not kidding), and now is lost,-- to an iPhone this afternoon!!

It is a lot to figure out and set up in one day but I am working on it and I do understand what all the hype is over iPhones.

Anways, here are some pictures from the photo-booth ap at the Apple Store taken on a 21.5" iMac last night. And I am showing my engagement ring :)

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