Friday, January 29, 2010

Hand Modeling has no height requirement

Professional photography is shown above.

Photos of my hands I took my self with my Logitech camera, to show them candid.

A teen on Facebook recently asked me about hand modeling. Well, hand models ARE all ages and modeling doesn't have a height requirement do need professional photos of your hands.

Professional photos of your hands showing that you can use them to model products, from nail care, to holding a glass, cell phone, and jewelry, showing you CAN model and show expression with your hands and make the product look great! :)

Here are some tips on photos and submitting to agencies your photos, ----first you need the photos, then you need to make your self a compcard.....then you need to mail by postal mail the "parts divisions" of print modeling agencies your compcard. Not all agencies, but a decent amount have "parts" divisions. PARTS Models, CESD, Flaunt Models, are good places to start submitting your compcard. Here are MANY posts I have written previously about hand modeling and "parts modeling."

And here are some photo samples of myself hand modeling to inspire you for creating your own photos:

You can also search my blog in the upper left corner for "hand modeling" and find more posts :)

I'd also try to get some experience hand modeling as well....maybe modeling for aspiring jewelry designers, a fashion accessories student, --do some self promotion with aspiring accessories brands that might use a hand model, model some handbags, get some experience, which can help inspire an agency to work with you. Some experience, from self promotion, can prove you "know" how to hand model. Many agencies will not teach you this stuff. You will learn as you go, gain experience, and get better at it.

I hope this helps for now :)

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