Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting yourself a modeling job and short support

Self promotion is key for an aspiring model. Especially if you are short. It is the small experience you get on your own that is credible that can lead to more opportunities and even an agency calling you back.

Here are some ideas for your self promotion and how you can get some legit modeling opportunities.

Having a compcard is important when marketing yourself to any of these options. So I suggest getting one made even if just with showing your headshot on it and one full body catalog styled shot. Better than being empty handed. Also it helps if your photos show you can model for the type of products you will be approaching, ex: if you want to model jewerly, show you can in your photo first. It takes confidence, personality, and a creative, upbeat, friendly approach, but you should give it a try. Getting some experience, can intrigue an agency. It wasn't until AFTER I had some experience, had been in a magazine, and gotten some tearsheets, that I got a modeling agency working with me. So grabbing your bootstrap and being a self promoter is helpful.

Get involved in your town locally. Get some local experience:
Attend a tradeshows for beauty or accessories and swim and fashion and market your self, attend a craftfair or fashion college fashion show and meet those who are ambitious and trying to grow their brand. Stop by a local boutique, hair salon. Ask if they need a model, if they use models, or who is the one who manages the marketing for their company. These days most brands have websites, and print material, even smaller growing brands have print ads in local magazines. Asking doesn't hurt, leave a compcard and your info, or take their card and submit by an email some jpegs with a note stating your interest in working with them on their next photo shoot for their company. Be friendly, compliment their brand and the things you like about it.

What a shorter girl can model:

Model for an aspiring jewelry designer - height has nothing to do with modeling jewelry.

Model for an aspiring handbag designer -should be able to no matter your height.

Model for a sunglasses company, or eye-glasses boutique.

Model hats or scarfs or gloves

Model shoes, size 6 is the same size for most shoe brands, most size 6 shoe models are shorter.

Hair model for print, and for in-store classes or events.

Nailcare and cosmetic brands that are aspiring, growing and might need a model.

Swimwear and lingerie brands that might be in need of a model. There is more to lingerie than Victoria's Secret, so do some research on other brands.

Sure, you might not be on a billboard, in a national commercial, or be in an ad campaign on your first try, but some small experience, some baby steps can lead to a lot more. You have to start somewhere, and self promotion is a big part of getting anywhere.

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