Sunday, January 10, 2010

calling your self a model doesn't mean you are one...yet

Often girls ask me how I got opportunities as a shorter girl in modeling and how I started.

The answer is full of how much work I put into marketing myself, what I do have, and how what I have can be translated in print modeling. I don't just want to call myself a model, feel pretty or show off my tits just for fun, I want to really model for something. That is how I found opportunities. These days with the internet any one can call themselves a model, but working with brands, really doing it is a totally different thing. Basically it came down to wanting more for my self. And trying to show I COULD model, and focused on what types of modeling jobs I coul d realistically get and shape my photos around these opportunities I wanted. I got over the thrill of being called hot or counting hits on my website and debating how good I felt today based on how many people called me hot, it is not a real models mentality to do so. I had to get over "being seen" and focus on "marketing my self to people to who decisions about modeling products." I had to focus on getting very professional marketable photos, a marketable compcard, and understand it is not an overnight process. It takes work, time, a marketing mindset, a lot of research, not giving up and positive energy.

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