Monday, January 25, 2010

Bringing it back to the model basics

Maybe you're thinking of being a model, maybe you Googled the word model and found my blog, maybe you saw America's Next Top Model and wondered if there is more than what Tyra is offering, well no matter where you got inspired-- if you are thinking of being a model here are some tips.

Well, first, don't fall for a scam, or get misled, with all these model-show-off-sites, amateur modeling scams, modeling schools, it can be hard for a shorter girl to get herself going in the right direction.

I think of it this way, "if it sounds too good to be true. It usual is."

Take a modeling class, be a model, pay this fee be a model.

"If it seems too easy to work as a model, then it could be a scam and usually is."

An agency won't be so over the moon to work with a shorter girl, they might like your facial assets, your energy, but still a legit print agency won't ask you pay for photos but also will not often pay for them either, so you NEED your own marketing material to get the door. The agency will also use your comp card that you created and submitted to them in the first place, to market you to their clients.
You can freelance and work with more than one agency non exclusively and most shorter girls do this.

Remember modeling is work. Working as a model takes time, energy and a marketing mindset. The word "easy" is not a word that goes with the word model. Skipping the scams is a step closer in the right direction however.

I have mentioned what to skip when trying to model in the Internet-Age and another part of that is "having your professional marketing tools."

Remember, a modeling comp card will get you further, with more professional experiences, than an Internet model social site. I am against model-sites and advocate to skip them often.

A modeling comp card is an aspiring models best marketing tool.

Yes the compcard needs to be professional, with very professional photos that represent you as you and your assets. A smile shot, and shots that show you modeling a product, a handbag, jewelry, shoes, etc.

Yes it takes time to research, to find, and submit to the proper agencies that work with models of all heights for commercial print modeling but it is worth it if you want professionalism.

No matter your height, if you want to work with a modeling agency, then you should put the time in to market yourself with the right photos. To get an agency if you are shorter you must have a comp card perpared. You don't need hundreds of photos or so many photo-shoots, you just need to focus on "what you need" that a print agency wants to see. Bring it back to the basics. Investing in yourself, is how you make opportunites happen. You need a headshot, a full body shot showing your personality, smile, and you "doing something" -walking down the street, having a good time, feeling confident, showing your energy in the photo. Here are samples on photos to create for print modeling.

A girl on Facebook asked me today:
First I would like to say that you have been a true inspiration and motivation for me to even consider myself to be model material. I too am a petite girl of only 5'1 and have recently been researching possibilites for myself in this industry. I was wondering if you could give me any personal thoughts or insights on the John Robert Powers Company in NYC pertaining to skills I could learn or opportunities they could provide? Thanks for all that you've done in this industry and all the things you will certainly accomplish.

My reply:
In my opinion you don't need a class to learn how to model. But I do suggest studying ads, and working with a professional photographer, skipping the internet model sites, and focusing on getting your own professional comp card made. Then you can mail your comp card to print modeling agencies in NYC.

Here is insight on why I think modeling schools are a waste of time:

Instead focus on creating YOUR OWN marketing tools is best, and make your own comp card and market it to the right agencies. Insight on that and how to skip some scams that lurk below. Calling yourself is one thing, working as one is another, beware of amateur agencies, focus on finding a professional one, there are MANY print modeling agencies and talent in NYC to submit your comp card to, but it takes work, time and effort to create professional photos to target print modeling and time to mail and research to find the right agencies.

Here are some tips.
And this will give you insight on comp cards:
And one on what to mail “commercial print modeling agencies” and how to do it:

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