Monday, January 11, 2010

Behind the Lens, Continuing a Legacy - A Photographer's Journey

Along with advocating on the pursuit of hustling as a shorter than average model, something I really love is history. History of all things, on Twitter, I saw this article from the NYTIMES ARTS section called Behind the Lens, Continuing a Legacy.
I love the history value in the article and reading about photography in the 50's turns me on.

Here is an excerpt: " For nearly four decades, starting in the late 1920s, James J. Kriegsmann, a Jewish immigrant from Austria, had a photography studio in Times Square. There he became the photographer to stars like Charles, Davis, Bill Robinson, Eartha Kitt and Pearl Bailey who had one thing in common: They were black and performing at a time when most white-owned studios refused to work with them. "
James Kriegsmann Jr., ( he has a studio in midtown) who followed his late father into the family business. “No matter how famous these people were, many photographers wanted nothing to do with them, but they knew that the door to my father’s studio was always open.”

The more your learn about stories based on the history of photography, the more you can appreciate it, and when you are starting out you should surround yourself with people who take notice of not just the technology in their hands but understand the craft and history of it. You will most likely get a better photo as well.

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