Sunday, January 31, 2010

An added feature on Petite Modeling Tips blog announcement

Daily I get approached by shorter aspiring models, girls who want to be models and are curious on how to market themselves, how to submit to agencies and basically and simply just what to do. I have added a link roll on my blog on the right side called Popular Modeling Tips posts by Isobella Jade, these posts are the ones I often share with aspiring models to help them, posts that are full of information, like this whole blog about how to get ahead.

Also don't forget at the top of this blog, in the upper left side corner there is a search box, you can search modeling terms: submitting to a modeling agency, photography, modeling contracts, modeling scams, how short models can get ahead, and find many, many posts on these topics.

Of course just scrolling the blog itself is a good start to getting a grip on how to market yourself. I hope my daily tips inspire you because height isn't everything when you know how to market what you do have :)


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