Sunday, January 31, 2010

An added feature on Petite Modeling Tips blog announcement

Daily I get approached by shorter aspiring models, girls who want to be models and are curious on how to market themselves, how to submit to agencies and basically and simply just what to do. I have added a link roll on my blog on the right side called Popular Modeling Tips posts by Isobella Jade, these posts are the ones I often share with aspiring models to help them, posts that are full of information, like this whole blog about how to get ahead.

Also don't forget at the top of this blog, in the upper left side corner there is a search box, you can search modeling terms: submitting to a modeling agency, photography, modeling contracts, modeling scams, how short models can get ahead, and find many, many posts on these topics.

Of course just scrolling the blog itself is a good start to getting a grip on how to market yourself. I hope my daily tips inspire you because height isn't everything when you know how to market what you do have :)


Is online exposure "really" good exposure?

The whole online "exposure" and "being seen" thing of the Internet age can be tricky, and I don't think it is the best thing for an aspiring model to strive for. If you have no experience as a model is might seen ideal to use the Internet to get ahead but online exposure is really not the best thing for an aspiring model to obsess over.

Unless it is a catalog shot for Macy's online website or ads, or a known national brand or magazine, a legit company, think twice.

Be careful, skeptical and questioning when considering modeling jobs for online exposure--marketing your self as a model when you are short is about actually getting off the internet, and get the tools real modeling agencies use. A comp card. A headshot. Professional photos. Always.

I believe in self promotion, and aspiring shorter models do need to put some in, before bigger opportunities can come sometimes. To "really" get opportunities to work with brands and magazines, you have to be professional about how you market yourself.

And before you get hyped about an online modeling job at this early stage of your pursuits, ask your self, “How will a modeling agency's eyes see this? How will this job affect the other goals I have? Is this job propelling me forward or just something for my ego, for fun?”

I think it is best to set realistic bigger goals, and then strive to do, accomplish the other little things that can get you there.

Unless the job you are accepting is going to lead you to your bigger goals, then I would skip it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The No Phone Zone Pledge, please do this for your life

You know I don't drive, I am the oldest person in the nation who doesn't, but I still recently signed Oprah's No Phone Zone, for safe driving.

I am begging you not to text or talk on the cell phone while you drive. It is way too dangerous. And how sad would it be to die because of your cell phone? Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

I will admit I walk and text and have been lucky to not get run over by a taxi a few times and while I am walking across the street I do not text at all anymore.

I just made this pledge not to text on Oprah's website, called The No Phone Zone Pledge, and I think you should as well. I know it is a hard addiction to break for some, but texting can take a life and being distracted when you drive can bring death, please sign:

Have a nice weekend, and stay warm!

Male print modeling question answered

I normally hear from aspiring female models, but recently I heard from an aspiring male model on Facebook, he wrote "I have read your blog and I am determined to get my compcard as soon as possible. As a young men, I was wondering do you know where I can look for a photographer that shoots compcards and what should I do after I get my compcards? Should I start sending them to agencies or wait and not send them till I create a portfolio?"

My reply may inspire you as well:

Your portfolio is something that grows with time and experience. So it is best not to just fill up the pages in your portfolio just for the sake of filling them up. You only want to show professional, quality photos in your portfolio that show off your assets.

However I would make sure to include your portfolio a nice headshot, smiling, then another looking more serious and also commercial print catalog style photos, then photos modeling a product, a watch, a cell phone, riding a bike, drinking a coffee, holding a basketball,-“acting” like you are using the product. I would study commercials and ads involving men. Also look in magazines such as GQ, Esquire, and even some women’s can inspire you because male print models are used often even Cosmo magazine. Consider this; for fashion modeling the men are not smiling. For Print modeling, they men do.

You should have both types of shots, depending on your height. Male fashion models are 6’ usually. However even if you are shorter you need a shot in a suit, formal, and a shot in casual wear, jeans. Remember is best NOT to show logos on the clothing you wear for your comp card. What if you go to a casting for Kenneth Cole, when your shirt screams Calvin Klein on your comp card. At this early stage, stay away from logos on your clothing in the shots, unless it is something you HAVE modeled for before.

Your comp card should read stats similar to a female print model, but sometimes share more details.
Height. Eye color. Hair color. Shoe size. Waist size. Shirt size. Inseam.

I've seen some male comp cards have also a suit size or neck size, but I suppose that is similar to a dress shirt size.

You do not need swimwear or to show off your chest if you don’t want to, so don’t think you must. Here are some examples of what a male should focus on for commercial print modeling photos, from Macy’, to give you the vibe of the personality to show in your own photos.

Commercial print modeling also welcomes men, males, of all ages and sizes, so target “commercial print modeling agencies” your comp card, mail by postal mail to print modeling agencies, talent agencies and casting directors. Modeling for a male print model is just as tough as it is for a female to market themselves and you have to be aggressive and positive about it. At the early stages, you might freelance with a few agencies, or try to book some of your own work through submitting a headshot and your comp card to casting directors for print and commercial work as well. Google, commercial print modeling + your city, talent agency + your city, casting directors + your city, then get some stamps and envelopes and mail your comp cards by postal mail. A LOT of them. It will be a process. This whole thing called making yourself a model, is one.

P.s: I use a PRATT portfolio you can find them in art supply stores. Usually it is an investment like $100 for a good one.

Hand Modeling has no height requirement

Professional photography is shown above.

Photos of my hands I took my self with my Logitech camera, to show them candid.

A teen on Facebook recently asked me about hand modeling. Well, hand models ARE all ages and modeling doesn't have a height requirement do need professional photos of your hands.

Professional photos of your hands showing that you can use them to model products, from nail care, to holding a glass, cell phone, and jewelry, showing you CAN model and show expression with your hands and make the product look great! :)

Here are some tips on photos and submitting to agencies your photos, ----first you need the photos, then you need to make your self a compcard.....then you need to mail by postal mail the "parts divisions" of print modeling agencies your compcard. Not all agencies, but a decent amount have "parts" divisions. PARTS Models, CESD, Flaunt Models, are good places to start submitting your compcard. Here are MANY posts I have written previously about hand modeling and "parts modeling."

And here are some photo samples of myself hand modeling to inspire you for creating your own photos:

You can also search my blog in the upper left corner for "hand modeling" and find more posts :)

I'd also try to get some experience hand modeling as well....maybe modeling for aspiring jewelry designers, a fashion accessories student, --do some self promotion with aspiring accessories brands that might use a hand model, model some handbags, get some experience, which can help inspire an agency to work with you. Some experience, from self promotion, can prove you "know" how to hand model. Many agencies will not teach you this stuff. You will learn as you go, gain experience, and get better at it.

I hope this helps for now :)

bareMinerals "rethink what matters" campaign is cool

I just checked out the bareMinerals "rethink what matters" campaign here I like it. You are asked questions about your lifestyle, the environment, and I think it is an innovative campaign for the cosmetic brand. I do wear bareMinerals, and their powders make you feel like your makeup was done by a professional makeup artist, even if it was just your self.

I feel like Little Red Riding Hood, the hoodie is hot!

In WWD yesterday The Hoodie, was featured!
I am a fan of hoodies. Growing up as a track runner my hoodie sweater was my lifestyle before meets, at practice, through all types of weather, and mud.

And in my graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior, the character has on a cute hoodie dress. Here I am wearing one of my favorite hoodies, a dress by G Star here:

I really love gray hoodies, and simply basic hoodies with a bit of personality applied, and I wanted to share some hoodies out there that caught my eye right now:

Guess Hoodie,

This Floral Tattoo Knit Tunic is pretty cool with some white Alice in Wonderland tights, check it out here at

Sometimes it is nice to just have a simple hoodie from American Apparel:

I like this Soul Cal low V neck hoodie with the buttons, casual and alluring:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The L.e.i. Model Citizen contest, no height requirement!

Hey Petite's,

Growing up as a teen I wore L.e.i jeans all the time, they were a go-to-brand, I loved their message and the brand has a great fit and style-- and actually even as I get older I think the brand is still really great. Here is more on the brand here. I like the illustration of the girl's room, especially since I recently published my graphic novel Model Life. Well, anyways, guess what!!

Starting Feb 1st, I wanted to let you know that L.e.i has announced the launch of the 'L.e.i. Model Citizen contest and here is the scoop:

Create a short video sharing how you are an L.i.e girl and why you emplify the true meaning of life, energy and intelligence, you can submit it here. The best part no height requirement!

"In association with Teen Vogue, junior denim brand, L.e.i., exclusive to Walmart stores, is on the lookout for three model citizens to star in its next ad campaign. The micro site,, will act as the main point of entry for the contest. In addition, L.e.i. will host a national call to action inviting girls ages 15-21 to showcase their "life, energy and intelligence." These events in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, will give girls the opportunity to shoot a short video.”

"The contest entry dates will run from February 1, 2010 to March 23, 2010 and girls will also be able to upload their own videos to the website, A high profile panel of judges, including notable names from the fashion industry such as Teen Vogue Editor in Chief Amy Astley, designer Rachel Roy, models Chanel Iman and Ali Michael and Allan Ellinger, CEO of Fashion Delivers, will then select a grand prize winner and two runners up from the entrants. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with some of the judges at each of the events. There will be an opportunity for the public to vote on the top ten finalists from March 23, 2010 to April 6, 2010."

"The Grand Prize winner will receive a $100,000 college scholarship and a feature in L.e.i.'s Fall 2010 national advertising campaign, a fashion makeover and complete L.e.i wardrobe, Teen Vogue internship and a trip to L.A. to attend Teen Vogue's "Young Hollywood" party. Second and third prize winners will also receive special prizing."


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Isobella Loves Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland Palette

I am so excited and feel so privileged to be able to get the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette! Enjoy this video where I share the features of the eye-shadow palette, featuring Alice walking through the mushroom forest!

It's Here! The "Petite of the Week" is Katy

In celebration of my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" hitting England in one week!!! I wanted to announce the first Petite of the Week and also feature a petite model from the UK.

The first "Petite of the Week" is Katy, a girl with personality and a cute pixie haircut, from the UK. Through Facebook, she reached out about being a pint-size model. I did some research and found that there ARE commercial print modeling agencies in the UK, and here is the list I found. Katy also recently expressed that she booked a furniture and sofa advertisement in the UK!!

When I asked her about her experience on the job she said, "I was really excited to be working on the furniture commercial with other models. I really enjoyed working with a team of people, and being also in front of a video camera, which was a new experience for me. My height really wasn't important for this type of project; after all, it’s not only people who are 5'8 who use sofas!!! I believe it has more to do with personality and character to model 'lifestyle' products."

Congratulations to Katy for her efforts and being the first Petite of the Week! I am sure she will be someone we hear about again!

If you'd like to be The Petite of the Week, submit to, each week there will be a new shorter model featured who is making strides in modeling despite height! You can live anywhere in the world, and you can be any size.

If you like to read, check out my modeling memoir Almost 5’4” in the US here and also in the UK here, and I think you'll also like my fashion illustrated comic book style graphic novel Model Life,both are based on Petite Pride and modeling for all sizes! If you missed today’s live radio segment on Model Talk Radio, it's ok you can listen to the archive, here is the scoop:
This weeks segment is called: "An Imperfect Model working with imperfections to ahead," it is about knowing yourself as a model and even how you can even work your so-called flaws into your modeling pursuits" Plus tips and advice on model photography and how Natural is Better than Photoshop.

Last weeks segment was based on 5 Modeling Jobs for all Sizes and it co-sides with this blog post as well, Aim high!


Check out my new Original Penguin polo shirt

I just got this Original Penguin short sleeve shirt called the VERONICA, size P for Petite. I oh-so-love it, also check out this dress version of this shirt style called THE VERONICA DRESS, I like this too and only $39.99

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coming up! Model Talk Radio, An Imperfect Model working with imperfections to ahead podcast segment
On Model Talk Radio, Isobella admits to having more imperfections than perfections and shares how she worked with her imperfections to get ahead. From her teeth, forehead, to all that isn't perfect she shares how modeling is about marketing what you do have and making what you do have marketable. Isobella is the author of "Almost 5'4""- her modeling memoir, and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior", both can be found on or in stores, or on Amazon. Her memoir "Almost 5'4"" will be released in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Canada on Feb 4th 2010! Isobella blogs daily at: Much of Isobella's advocating is about being self-made and her sponsor is offering a 30 days free trial to her listeners and business owners. is for online meetings for business client meetings or internal conferences,click here for free trial:

Tune in here to listen to this segment of Model Talk Radio and other segments as well:

The feeling of triumph

"The feeling of triumph will out weight the doubt when you have offered yourself that opportunity for success, it comes after you say"I WILL!" it comes after you leave the odds in the way, way, way back of your mind and put in the front all you aim to get." -isobella jade

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bringing it back to the model basics

Maybe you're thinking of being a model, maybe you Googled the word model and found my blog, maybe you saw America's Next Top Model and wondered if there is more than what Tyra is offering, well no matter where you got inspired-- if you are thinking of being a model here are some tips.

Well, first, don't fall for a scam, or get misled, with all these model-show-off-sites, amateur modeling scams, modeling schools, it can be hard for a shorter girl to get herself going in the right direction.

I think of it this way, "if it sounds too good to be true. It usual is."

Take a modeling class, be a model, pay this fee be a model.

"If it seems too easy to work as a model, then it could be a scam and usually is."

An agency won't be so over the moon to work with a shorter girl, they might like your facial assets, your energy, but still a legit print agency won't ask you pay for photos but also will not often pay for them either, so you NEED your own marketing material to get the door. The agency will also use your comp card that you created and submitted to them in the first place, to market you to their clients.
You can freelance and work with more than one agency non exclusively and most shorter girls do this.

Remember modeling is work. Working as a model takes time, energy and a marketing mindset. The word "easy" is not a word that goes with the word model. Skipping the scams is a step closer in the right direction however.

I have mentioned what to skip when trying to model in the Internet-Age and another part of that is "having your professional marketing tools."

Remember, a modeling comp card will get you further, with more professional experiences, than an Internet model social site. I am against model-sites and advocate to skip them often.

A modeling comp card is an aspiring models best marketing tool.

Yes the compcard needs to be professional, with very professional photos that represent you as you and your assets. A smile shot, and shots that show you modeling a product, a handbag, jewelry, shoes, etc.

Yes it takes time to research, to find, and submit to the proper agencies that work with models of all heights for commercial print modeling but it is worth it if you want professionalism.

No matter your height, if you want to work with a modeling agency, then you should put the time in to market yourself with the right photos. To get an agency if you are shorter you must have a comp card perpared. You don't need hundreds of photos or so many photo-shoots, you just need to focus on "what you need" that a print agency wants to see. Bring it back to the basics. Investing in yourself, is how you make opportunites happen. You need a headshot, a full body shot showing your personality, smile, and you "doing something" -walking down the street, having a good time, feeling confident, showing your energy in the photo. Here are samples on photos to create for print modeling.

A girl on Facebook asked me today:
First I would like to say that you have been a true inspiration and motivation for me to even consider myself to be model material. I too am a petite girl of only 5'1 and have recently been researching possibilites for myself in this industry. I was wondering if you could give me any personal thoughts or insights on the John Robert Powers Company in NYC pertaining to skills I could learn or opportunities they could provide? Thanks for all that you've done in this industry and all the things you will certainly accomplish.

My reply:
In my opinion you don't need a class to learn how to model. But I do suggest studying ads, and working with a professional photographer, skipping the internet model sites, and focusing on getting your own professional comp card made. Then you can mail your comp card to print modeling agencies in NYC.

Here is insight on why I think modeling schools are a waste of time:

Instead focus on creating YOUR OWN marketing tools is best, and make your own comp card and market it to the right agencies. Insight on that and how to skip some scams that lurk below. Calling yourself is one thing, working as one is another, beware of amateur agencies, focus on finding a professional one, there are MANY print modeling agencies and talent in NYC to submit your comp card to, but it takes work, time and effort to create professional photos to target print modeling and time to mail and research to find the right agencies.

Here are some tips.
And this will give you insight on comp cards:
And one on what to mail “commercial print modeling agencies” and how to do it:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

On Sunseeker at the Boat Show this weekend

(Here I am standing next to different boat.)

Went on my first yacht yesterday. I went to the Boat Show at the Javits Center with my fiance' and walked upon a Sunseeker boat! It was so awesome, like a home! There was a big bed, two guest beds, plasma TV's, stove tops, grill, and everything you'd need to feel at home in the middle of the ocean. I would dock it and consider living in it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Shorty Award for Shorter Models coming soon!

I'm going to start a weekly "Shorty Award" to a shorter model that is making strides, & feature her on my modeling blog http:/

If you are interested in being the Shorter Model of the week email me here: with a headshot and a modeling experience or acomplishment that showed you making strides despite your height.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

You can Pre-order "Almost 5'4""

My modeling memoir UK edition of memoir Almost 5'4" will be published by HarperCollins in 13 days!

The book will be published also in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, look for it in Feb '10!

You can pre-order UK edition of memoir Almost 5'4" here , and I hope you do! My memoir shares my experiences as a height challenged model and I think it will inspire you. I wrote this book for anyone who is trying to do something that is a challenge and for anyone with a dream.

More modeling tips daily on my radio show Model Talk:

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Five modeling jobs where height doesn’t matter

Modeling jobs where height doesn’t matter

Isobella Jade

It’s true, I am one of the tiniest working models out there, but still I have worked with great brands and magazines. When I was told I was too short to model, I put what I did have to use, and here are 5 modeling jobs where height isn’t a big thing.

You can also listen to 5 Modeling Jobs for All Sizes podcast segment on Model Talk Radio here:

Hand Modeling, believe it or not you can have a life and be a hand model, and you can make hundreds or thousands a day doing it. Forget the gloves; just take care of your assets well. Hand modeling is perfect for shorter girl who have small hands that are dainty and thin fingers and nice nail color and nail beds. Size of the nail varies, and hand models are not measured by one standard rule. Hand models are all ethnicities and their hands do not all look alike. Many products and brands from cosmetics, to dish soap use hand models. I have used my hands as a model for Macy’s, Bon App├ętit, Women’s World Magazine, Easy Spirit, and many others. How to start: Get photos of your hands, with nail polish, and without, holding products and at ease. There are modeling agencies that specialize in parts modeling; these are the agencies to target your photos and modeling comp cards to.

Favorite on the job skincare item for hands: LUSH’s Lemony Flutter cuticle cream.

Shoe Modeling, getting your foot in the door as a model can involve your foot! My first modeling job was shoe modeling and most shoe models are not tall giraffes they are shorter. A size 6 or 7 shoe is typically liked in the shoe modeling world. Similar to hand modeling you need to target parts modeling agencies that represent shoe models. Having nice feet, toenails, and pretty ankles can mean over a thousand dollars a day or shooting a shoe ad campaign. I have shoe modeled for Brown Shoe, Marshalls, Easy Spirit, Victoria’s Secret, and many others. Again you do need photos that show your “feet diversity,” so you need photos of your feet in sandals, heels, boots, sneakers, without shoes, toes painted and not.

Favorite on the job skincare item for feet: OPI, AVOJUICE lotions.

Accessories Modeling, no one ever asks how tall the jewelry model is, and many times she is not that tall. Modeling earrings, rings, and necklaces is something a girl of any height can do. These days there are more handbag designers and accessories designers than ever. From scarves to belts, to gloves to hats, models in need, and they are not just skyscraper tall and are not just on the runway.

Even though I am in my 20’s I am already moisturizing my neck and chest area and shoulders and back. Your skin is an asset and can get you a modeling job, or not, so if you want to model you can start by taking care of that skin. I use Alba, Nivea and St. Ives lotions for my whole body, and face favorites: Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, and Clinique’s Moisture Surge, and LUSH’s Ultralight moisturizer.

Hair modeling, all textures, styles, and colors of hair are welcome. From print campaigns to hair shows, hair modeling can give you a new look and also help to pay your rent. Also remember many hair models are modeling accessories such as curling irons, extensions, and hair dye. Next time you buy some shampoo at the drugstore check out the models on the hair color boxes,-that is the type of photo you need to focus on getting. A smile, fresh face, and hair alive and with personality.

To give your hair a boost try the V05 hot oil treatments, which I love, or John Frieda's Root Awakening conditioner.

Beauty Modeling, put your bright eyes, beautiful lips, and clear complexion to use in modeling for cosmetics. Focus on capturing these assets in your photos and make a modeling comp card. Also I suggest attending the IBS (International Beauty Show) and mingling with the brands and learning as much as you can about what is out there is the world of cosmetics. You will find there is a lot! Self promotion is key to working as a model when you are not tall, so grab your bootstraps and get your photos, comp card, and portfolio together because height is not everything in modeling if you know how to market what you do have.

Beauty Model must-haves: Fresh’s Magic Wands Mini Mascara Due, $10, Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 powder, Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipsticks, Revlon’s Extra Curl Eyelash Curler.


More tips can be found on my radio show Model Talk:

Also you can find my modeling memoir Almost 5'4" and Short Stuff on and, and you can find them as ebooks as well! If you would like a signed and personalized book contact me through my website:

Isobella Jade TM

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Models in the Internet Age, an itchy topic for me

My first experience of the word model involves Googling the word. Then I went through a rollercoaster of judging what was amatuer and real, and the ways of the web were not helpful towards the direction of real opportunity.

When I first Googled the word model, it was in 2001, and back then, it was not typical to promote yourself on the web as a model. I did not have a website, know how to make one, and in college couldn't afford one anyway, so I used online profile sites, but these sites didn't bring me modeling agencies and there were only maybe 3 good experiences from marketing myself as a model on the web. Once I wanted to seriously pursue modeling not just call myself a model things started happening. Once I took the steps, prepared professional photos and submitted them to real agencies, and tried over again, did any real modeling work come.

Today it's very easy to become a hot ass on the Internet, but does that really mean you will be modeling for something or really a model anyways? I don't think so. Today we have Youtube singers that go from their web cam to national talk shows and if you have enough friends you might get your own reality tv show, but even that does't mean long gevity in the spotlight or monetary success.

In this Internet age there is not just one way, person, or thing to do to find your own success, but if you use Google and the Internet as a search tool you are better off than using it for anything else. Find answers, aim for professionalism, become a marketer, not just a model but someone who knows themselves, knows the agencies to target, the photos you need, and do your research and homework.

Personally I don't want five minutes of fame and I don't want to be apart of anything unless it has purpose that I can feel good about afterward, not just in the moment, but know I am doing what I want to do but also aiming high along the way.

I suggest these things for dealing with the Internet age:

1. when it seems all you need to do is download a photo remember it takes more than a click of the mouse to call yourself a real model.
2. you are not a model until you model something. A product for a brand, for a magazine editorial. Remember this and use this as inspiration to get more, aim higher!
3. You still need physical modeling tools. The web does not substitute the modeling compcard, or modeling portfolio, you need these tangible things for castings and submissions to agencies when you are starting out.
4. Very few can manage a long career, that pay their bills, by just and only being a hot female. I feel the Internet-age has made many women want to be seen, desired, and a tease, but this doesn't mean you are really going to "work as a model". The more you think about modeling products and what products you can realistically model for you will see that a smile shot is the best marketing tool for a model.
5. Think twice before signing up or being a part of an online profile site, or community, most are scams, or a waste of time full of amatuers. If you do not know the difference between amatuer and professional and do not have a strong willed marketing mindset you can make many mistakes and have many regrets by associating yourself with the wrong websites, people, and photo-shoots.
6. Protect yourself and be selective and careful about the photos you reveal on the web and the photos you have taken of you. A professional photographer won't abuse the rights to the photos, but do not take a photo you will regret later. Think ahead, think of your bigger goals always.
7. A website, having your own website can be helpful when you have experience, but if you are thinking you will be discovered from it, it is likely it won't happen.

8. I suggest being extremely skeptical about online castings, anything that reads "No experience required is always a scam!" And be VERY, very careful about submitting to any online model casting on the Internet.

9. Focus on the photos you DO need, a headshot, a beauty shot, a full body shot in a catalog style that shows personality, don't waste time with photos that do not market you and your assets. Focus on what a print modeling agency wants to see.

10. Do reach out to professional photographers and paying for photos can be a good investment with a professional photographer.

11. Make a compcard! YOU need this!!! You can't work with agencies or be a model without it.

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Five Modeling Jobs For All Heights and Models in the Internet Age

Five Modeling Jobs For All Heights and Models in the Internet Age

Isobella Jade, author, model and advocate for models of all heights shares 5 models jobs that girls of all shapes and sizes can do. And how to do it. Modeling is not just for one size, but you do have to know how to market what you do have. Tune in for tips on how to skip the modeling scams, and take control of your goals, no matter if you live in a big city or small town. She also gives tips on how to model in the Internet-age, what to skip and how to manage the web and your modeling goals. Isobella is the author of "Almost 5'4""- her modeling memoir, and her graphic novel "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior", both can be found on or in stores, or on Amazon. For more on Isobella visit her website: Her memoir "Almost 5'4"" will be released in the UK, Australia, South Africa and Canada on Feb 4th 2010!

Listen to episode: Five Modeling Jobs For All Heights and Models in the Internet Age:

Much of Isobella's advocating is about being self-made and her sponsor is offering a 30 days free trial to her listeners. is for online meetings for clients or internal conferences,click here for free trial:

Finding petite sizes is possible

Well, fashion will not love short girls or petite's anytime super soon, there is much work ahead for petite fashion, but there are some brands I do love to shop at that have items for under $100 where I can find "short length". X-small, small sizes all around, including Levi's. I can pull off pants better with a 4inch heel from H&M, Forever21, Zara, Mango, Express, I am not complaining too too much though cause I love my heels! :) Do you have any go-to brands for short length? For more on finding your size and researching brands that have petite sizes (and also small size shoes) go to:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bobbie Brown's Pretty Powerful Campaign video

I like this. Bobbie Brown, of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, has cast her own friends as models for her Pretty Powerful campaign. Here is the video for the campaign and I am liking this...a lot!

Bobbie is also having a contest, based on you sharing what makes you feel beautiful. You can learn more here.

Thongs for Body Part Models & Swimwear models

Whether you are pursuing body part modeling, swimwear modeling, or lingerie modeling, you must have nude colored thongs. At castings and on the job, often my agencies have suggested I bring or wear a nude thong. It is a model-must have.

Here is a nude Cosabella mesh thong at, this is a perfect style for aspiring models to get.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I love my iPhone video

It is sort of a big deal for me! I have something Apple! I got an iPhone this weekend and I share my excitement in this video here:

let freedom ring

My favorite line of Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech is "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." I think being judged for the content of our character is important to all. Grab here to read/watch teh speech or read the words:

Have a great day.

where there is advertising there are models of all types.

If you are thinking short models can only be glamour models, think again.

If you are thinking brands, products and magazines only work with tall giraffes, think again.

There are petite brands out there, you just have to look for them. Some petite brands that were involved with my book party for "Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior" were: Sweet Petite's (great yoga pants and sportswear for petite sizes, Lula Lu Lingerie (bra's and panties for petite sizes), Bakers Shoes, great heels for under $100. I do not support glamour models, or becoming one, or being just a tease, very few can translate that into last for more than a few years or make it a real career. Even if you are shorter, if you want more, you have to do the work to find the right agencies, the right opportunties, you have to work for it. Because you can model for lifestyle products, and accessories brands, there is also parts modeling, and more opportunities are found in commercial print modeling. Notice beauty editorials, ads for shoes, handbags, haircare, everything from computers to banks, they are not all tall. There are more print modeling agencies out there than fashion agencies. You have to do the research. Not just short celebrities are modeling for lifestyle brands and products, models of all sizes are working, because where there is advertising there are models of all types.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

models come in all shapes and sizes

models come in all shapes and sizes, it's just the media only talks about fashion models. Where there is advertising there is a model.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I still visit the Apple Store sometimes and iPhone

Before going to meet friends last night, I went to the Apple Store, then went to MercBar to have some drinks (the same place I had my book party for Model Life actually), and then I had a great french dinner & wine at cafe Gitane on Mott St last night, Baked Pasta w Proscuitto ($13!) I tried mulled wine ( it is hot, like tea) for the first time, & then lost my cellphone!

Thankfully my contract on my phone expired recently so today, I upgraded from a phone that was taped together ( not kidding), and now is lost,-- to an iPhone this afternoon!!

It is a lot to figure out and set up in one day but I am working on it and I do understand what all the hype is over iPhones.

Anways, here are some pictures from the photo-booth ap at the Apple Store taken on a 21.5" iMac last night. And I am showing my engagement ring :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

He Didn't Text Me Back - text messages the good and foolish

Modeling agencies now text the models they work with castings and even in my graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior, the character receives text messages from her agent.

However when it comes to relationships I am actually sad to say that these days: relationships often start with a text message.

I am becoming more and more against this.

My girlfriends tell me how they get to know a person through a text message, they also complain a lot about the text messages they receive or don't receive, I am like...did he call you? They share how something will be said in a text that doesn't translate in person. The way technology has changed how people date is really insane. However, I will admit when I met my fiance' I actually got text the messaging service because of it....because he couldn't talk to me on the phone while at work all the time because he doesn't have an office door he can shut, he sits open infront of like 20 people, who can hear your whole conversation, and even pick up the line. I text him daily over 10 times. Let me just include that when I first met him I also moved in with him! Only a week after meeting. So we hung out every single evening, or most during the first months and got to know one another better. It was unconventional but I treasured our memories, the things we did more than his xoxox texts to me. A text can mean "he is thinking of you" but I don't think it should take over the conversation face to face or on the phone.

If I was single, getting to know someone I would still feel distant, not right, if all we did was text eachother and not hear voices, and the time we spent face to face would still mean more. Of course I know that saying "actions speak louder than words" and I don't know if that is always true, but a text shouldn't be the only communication.

Maybe I'll write a book one day, "He Didn't Text Me Back - a girls journey of dating through text messaging." Full of experiences from girls who are having a love life via the text.

For now here are my texting tips when you like the guy who is texting you.

1. Is texting all you do to communicate? If so, this could be a sign he is not really interested.

2. If you are the one texting him, asking, planning to get together, if you are keeping the text going and he would not have reached out if you didn't text him today, then this is a sign he is not interested.

3. If he textes you only at 2am this is a sign he is not "really into you" more than for sex. Unless he gets off work at 3am or something, but still 3am, you should be getting your beauty sleep girl. Your brain and face work better when you get good sleep.

4. Texting you doesn't mean he likes you, infact texting is an easy way to keep things casual, and not serious, so if you want a real relationship, your relationship needs to be more, involve more, than texting eachother.

5. Give the text a break, tell him you are not obsessed with texting and it is better to simply call you. If he does it is a sign he likes you more than a text flirt.

Talking on the phone, actually talking to the guy they are seeing, getting to know, is now a rare thing among my girlfriends, it makes me concerned. Tell the person you like, want to know, and want to like you to call you. Seriously. Or meet somewhere and hangout, show your true self, not just let your thumb nail speak for you. These days even an email is more thoughtful than a text!

I mean, of course I text people, and one day you might even be able to get my modeling tips in a text message format, but I just think that most of what I have heard from my friends dating experiences through a text message have been pretty ugly.

Working as a photographer

Usually I am approached by aspiring models, but sometimes I do get emails from aspiring photographers as well. I was recently asked: Is there any way to stay working one job while trying to be a pro-photographer?

My reply:
Well, just like there are different types of models there are different types of photographers. The work of photographers is seen not just in fashion magazines or playboy, but also in Time Magazine, Art magazines, trade magazines of all types, newspapers, ad campaigns, weddings, and even on film sets there is a director of photography present. So make sure you are aware that photography and being a photographer could consist of pursuing any of these areas. I think it is possible to keep your job but grow a photography portfolio and experience and credibility and contacts. I would focus on what your focus and goals are for photography. And research, spend time learning as much as you can about that area. I would use your weekends and spare time wisely. If you already have a portfolio you could strive to get some of your work published. Locally there might be a newspaper's art department you could get in touch with, submit some images that would have fit with a few of their current stories, and suggest working together but stress you are only available for select photography jobs, offer your weekend availability or whatever it might be. Also depending on the type of photography you want to pursue you could reach out to other companies, brands, organizations that might like your services. For fashion, get in touch with well known aspiring designers and boutique owners in your town. A college might have a newspaper or website for their fashion department and you might want to reach out about the schools events and being a photographer for them. Approach any charities in your area that might want a photographer for their events. Contact the city events departments and offer to attend events and take photos. Now, with a different full time job, and without professional photography experience, you can not expect to make a ton of money off of photography, you could shoot weddings, headshots, some products and get some local work, but expect the process to be a build, and a process for sure. If you do not have experience at all working with a professional brand or established company or publication I would offer your service even for a lower rate to just get the experience, make the contacts and grow your portfolio at the start. Your experience and published work does matter to get bigger things, your own marketing mindset, and ambitious effort will pay off, your professionalism, and how fast you can work and bring quality work will matter as well. I would strive to be as professional as possible and remember that most online photography profile sites are amatuer so it is best to NOT join them if you want to work professionally. It is better to get a website, even with a cheaper service like and market yourself. you could present your self through an email, but show images through a PDF, it is more professional, or a TIFF file. You could send a letter or a postcard that shows your work in the mail, but building contacts locally is important. And for the sake of your current full time job I would be very careful, selective and professional about the photography you do and put out there, so that you do not ever offend those who help pay your bills currently. Only show professional work that has an advertising, editorial, or professional appeal that does not limit you or your goals. Like being a model, the marketing you put in, knowing your assets -your skills, what you can offer is key!
I hope this helps,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

modeling and height

I wonder what would happen to the modeling industry if height was not a factor to put on your compcard at all.

Model quote

persistence is key, with it you gain endurance - isobella jade

lip modeling and parts modeling

I received this email recently on lip modeling:

I was looking through your blog and I noticed the entry you worte about the girl who asked about being a leg model even though she is short. That got me thinking: People have always told me I have the biggest, most beautiful lips they have ever seen in their life; ones that they would pay to have but I was lucky enough to be born with. Could I possibly be a lip model for make-up or such? Or anything else like that?

My reply:

To start, even if you do not have a close up of your lips if you have a high res photo of your face, a beauty shot, you could crop it and make the focus your lips. Make a compcard focused on your lips and submit it to modeling agencies that focus on PARTS modeling. NOT all agencies have PARTS modeling divisons so I would research PARTS Modeling agencies and print agencies that have a "parts modeling" division for print work and commercial work using your parts! lips!

Strive to create photos that sell your lips in a commercial way. chapstick, lip gloss or just your lips in general, showing expression with your lips too! Happiness, upset, showing teeth, not. You can start with a headshot, and then crop it or have a professional photographer or friend focus on close ups of your lips:

I would also be on the look out for beauty tradeshows, and also reach out to new, and aspiring beauty and cosmetic brands that might be in need of a model to get some experience.

Having photos of your lips, making the photo look like an ad, and getting a compcard made is best for your marketing.

Here is an example for inspiration for making and creating your photos which will then be used on your lip compcard.