Monday, December 7, 2009

Work = rewards for the hustling model

The image in the media of what it takes to model and what IS a model is often wrong.

Being discovered is over. It can be hard to tell the difference to new aspiring model eyes between the scams and the professional, the internet age or having a website doesn't make it any easier. Working as a model, modeling for brands, product, with an agency takes work.

An open call is not something a shorter girl attends, and for print it is all about the postal mail submissions, but when it comes to WHAT to submit, WHERE to submit, and the work that goes into getting your marketing material together (compcard, or a headshot) it could be months before you even mail a modeling agency, then another few months before you hear back, and then you could end up feeling rejected, not good enough, and like you wasted your time.

But hang in there!

Modeling, no matter what you hear elsewhere is WORK, a lot of it. Especially for a girl who is not fashion height and especially in this present day. A very small amount of girls could call themselves models ten years ago, but today modeling is more than fashion, and the commercial print modeling world offers opportunities for all sizes, but it is WORK.

To get the opportunity I believe it takes ALOT of self work, managing your own photography, knowing what you need photographed, making a marketable compcard, mailing it to the right agencies, and it take a lot of time, effort, and study of ones self.

Ten years ago you might not have had to be a marketer, but today a model must be one.

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