Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tonight's Victoria Secret Fashion Show boobs and ass

I am happy to see that the girls are not bone thin on Tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Runway show, and that they have some thigh action going on.

I understand the image factor and that a customer likes the fantasy but I don't buy it personally. I understand it for marketing but I think advertising can often affect a girl self esteem, and suddenly she forgets her mind, and only thinks her cleavage and ass matters in this world. Sure, I am blessed with thin thighs and years of being a competitive track runner has kept me thin for many years, but I am also very active. (In NYC I walk at least 2-10 miles a day, not kidding. My personality is very high energy, and try to eat well and proportionate to my size, but I like compliments on something I DID, something I created, with my mind, more than a word on my ass typically. Yes I have gotten modeling jobs based on my curves and bootie, and I try to keep in shape to my proportions but I am not defined by my ass.

Some of the girls didn't even have much of an ass.

I also noticed and liked how the girls on the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show tonight are not too busty, not flat as a board, but not overly busty, not all implanted. When it comes to bust size, for future sales I think all intimates collections should design for petite and plus sizes girls. This area gets ignored often.

Heidi looked hot! Hot mamma, and the balloon angel wings are creative! :) But didn't like all the crotch camera angles...ummm.. :(

Maybe for men it is different; would they would rather see David Beckham in an ad in underwear than a man with a belly? Would it matter?

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