Tuesday, December 15, 2009

shoe modeling casting etiquette

Shoe modeling is great for a short girl. To be a shoe model you should be a size-six or size seven shoe. Most girls who fit these shoe sizes are not tall.

Today I had two shoe modeling castings, - I have been focused so much on print modeling that I have not done showroom modeling in a couple years, but for many years I did it. Today, at the castings I noticed the casting etiquette or lack thereof. Here are some tips when you are at a shoe modeling casting or any casting for that matter:

1. Don't sigh. I heard over 100 sighs while I waited. We waited about an hour. But still do not sigh. Bring good energy to casting, if you sigh, sigh and sigh more, you will not put your best positive face forward and usually if you are a brat before the casting, sighing, asking how much longer the wait is, etc., you won't get it. Maybe it’s my Karma thinking but people like a friendly persona, even if you are waiting, so don't sigh!! Bring a book, a laptop, a magazine, writing you need to do, make a list of things you need to work on, but don't sigh for an hour.

2. Be prepared. Know what shoe modeling is, know what showroom modeling is before you attend the casting. Google it! The casting involves having your foot measured a few pairs of shoes,—heels, sandals, all types. If you went in and did not know how to model the shoe properly then you might not get called back, some tips for how to model the shoe are:

Always show the front side of the shoe and the side of the shoe that faces other people. That’s what shoe buyers or designers want to see, not the inside.

Know how to walk wearing the shoes, even if you are wearing two different heel heights. I had to put on two different heel heights many times shoe modeling and show it to the buyer from a department store and even without a symmetrical stance I had to make the shoe look fabulous while I kept my balance. So regardless of the shoe you are wearing know how to walk in heels of all different types of shoes and do it gracefully, carefully, smoothly and naturally. Watch some shoe ad commercials and study people walking in shoes on the street; you will notice who walks well and who doesn't.

3. Always be gracious and kind. Say “thank you,” “nice to meet you,” and always keep the shoes looking neat. After wearing the shoes, put them side by side in a pretty way; don't leave the shoes on the floor next to you looking sloppy. Have respect for what you are modeling. People want to work with a kind and considerate model, not a snot.

4. Always have nice looking feet. Even if your feet are not totally perfect, at least have a nice pedicure, lotion your toes, and feet, and ankles, and don't show dry skin. Make yourself look ready for the job.

5. Wear a skirt. Yup even in winter I wear a skirt and wear sweatpants under it, or over it. I change in the bathroom before the casting. Most showrooms have bathrooms nearby and this should be an easy, fast change.

Remember, no one will make you a model; it is all about the work you put in. If you want to shoe model, then get some photos of your feet, get some shots of you looking like you can shoe model. Show you can and there is a better chance you will!

There are others but here are some agencies that work with shoe models (these agencies are known as "parts modeling agencies." Some agencies in NYC that have “parts divisions.”:

Parts Models, CESD, FORD, Flaunt Models. To work with them send a comp card that shows shots of your feet, a close-up of your feet modeling shoes such as sandals or heels, and also without shoes. It would be a good idea to include a full-body shot standing in the heels or shoes in a commercial style, and a smiling headshot. Show your nails painted and also not painted. Be sure that your comp card/submission includes shots of your legs. If you have nice hands, stomach, backside, etc., send a comp card that shows shots of those as well. Send by postal mail.

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