Friday, January 1, 2010

The road to success is built by your own energy and understanding of your self

Happy New Year!

I would like to start this year with a thought of The Build.

So many girls write to me saying how they want to model and be successful, and it starts as a process, it starts with small steps, little jobs, even in their own small town, and the build starts.

You have to set up your own platform for success however, no matter your pursuits in life. Being realistic, and hoenst with your self is the best way to go after your goals.

And handling the doubt others give you, while keeping your spirit even the bad days is the livilhood. It takes a lot of work to maintain your pursuits, and the steps it takes to get to your own fufillment.

It is very difficault to keep a successful growing path, but the first thing that needs to be managed is your self esteem and your own understanding of what you want out of your pursuits.

Whether it is singing in a bar or holding your your own tour in your town, or you are striving to share your talents around the globe, it starts with a build. It is a process of tendering what you have to sell and being comfortable with the work it takes.

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