Thursday, December 17, 2009

A reason to Watch 20/20 on Friday: Secret Designs

I want to vomit just thinking about how scamful the modeling business as become since the Internet-age. Or more like, how full of scams "the pursuit of being a model" has become. I made many mistakes as a model, but I thankfully overcame them and my self esteem and confidence and belief in my self did not alter.

I wrote about my early modeling pursuits in my memoir Almost 5'4" honestly and open because I think being honest can inspire girls who are pursuing modeling to skip the scams. I also touch upon modeling scams, and Internet scams and amateur modeling mistakes in my graphic novel Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior.

I can honestly say I am lucky to have survived some of the bad experiences I had during my early modeling pursuits.

Some things to keep in mind when pursuing as a model.

1. Don't be desperate to succeed, so much that you lose your dignity.
2. Don't think ONE person can make you famous or successful.
3. Don't think it happens over night.
4. Beware of online casting calls, scams lerk.

This Friday, December 18th, on 20/20 at 9pm there is a special hour featuring the Rise and Fall of Anand Jon. ((I had a friend who did go to a casting at his studio in NYC, and she was called fat and dissed by him even though she has a fab body.))

Here is the link for more info on the segment:

I suggest watching this feature on ABC 20/20, to hear the sad story of girls falling for the wrong fashion opportunity.

Many of Anand's castings were on the Internet, emails written, also the encounters stemmed from Internet social site communication, Myspace, etc.

The Internet has caused a lot of hype and interest among curious girls who want to be models,-they go to Google and search, upload photos and flaunt, but the truth is They Are Setting Themselves Up For Scams. I believe the Internet is NOT a way that aspiring models can get ahead. It is best to NOT promote yourself on a model on it on random social sites.

It might seem easy, convenient, and normal to find castings, and promote yourself as a model on the web but it is amateur and typically only brings amateur opportunities. I think the Internet is the totally opposite and wrong way to promote your self as a model. Scams and people like Anand are found on the Internet, and you should focus on professionalism and if you want to really find professional opportunities as a model they do not happen on the Internet, it is better to get a comp card made, mail it aggressively to print modeling and talent agencies and aim higher.

Modeling is not showing off, being pretty, or the right size, a model is someone who is "modeling for something" and in a professional environment consistently, and to do it you should not lose your dignity or think you have to sleep with someone to get ahead or put your self in a situation where your worth is tested.

Watch 20/20 at 9pm this Friday, December 18th.

Don't be obsessed with fame and being in the spot light that you lose your dignity. If you are looking for a short-cut, you just might find a scam or even worse.

Also keep in mind
1. you don't need to have sex with someone, make out, or date someone to get ahead.
2. it is possible to get a modeling agency and gete professional modeling jobs but you DO have to work hard for it.
3. Make sure you are comfortable at a casting, on the job, etc, if you are not leave the atmosphere, there will be other opportunities out there.

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