Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old School Marketing and Not Giving up

Lets set a scene. A girl is on America's Next Top Model. She gets kicked off.

She gets a little fame, her name out there, but then what?

I ran into one of the contestants actually at a shoe modeling casting a couple weeks ago, and it made me think about how "even when you have some exposure, even on a national TV show, it does not mean that TV network, the producers, the host, will help you afterward." This ex-america's next top model girl has no modeling experience despite the exposure on tv.

The five minutes of fame you might have gained is something that needs to be tendered and manage if you want more opportunities or you want to continue doing what you want to do, ex: Modeling.

The best advice for grabbing your bootstraps AFTERWARD is:

You have to be become a pr girl not just a model.
You should not just think of the money and look for major opportunities or being signed to a big shot agency, it most likely will not happen.
You will be "something interesting based on your exposure on tv" for about 2 months, then no one will care about last seasons stuff, (like in fashion and clothing this happens as well) but there are print modeling agencies and talent agencies you should submit to. However the modeling agency and advertising industry that hires models does not care about reality tv, they care about how well do you photograph? Do you have a compcard? Do you have professional quality photos that market your assets? Can you model?

In the pr end, you should be researching some professional and talent but not super established or famous photographers that might want to shoot you for some portfolio shots. Think of the shots YOU will need for print modeling. Start thinking of what a modeling agency really wants. It will take some time to build the portfolio and marketable photos you need. These reality shows do not prepare the girls enough with knowing what photos they really need and knowing their assets and how to market them. (shaking head)

Basically it is like a revamp and starting over period, the exposure you had should not be the ONLY leverage you have, because it will not be of value too soon. It is better to focus on promoting your assets and co-side some experience you have and mention the exposure you have had and also make a strong point to mention your future goals and modeling goals.

Staying in the past, in that comfy place of recognition might sound like fun, but usually these reality shows do not prepare you for the after-math, (which is why I hate these shows). So when you are left with a little credit, remember is a whole new process to turn that into something more, to use it towards your advantage might mean leaving the situation behind and thinking about what those who you want to target are really looking for.

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