Sunday, December 13, 2009

Modeling agency height requirement and teen modeling tips

A 15 year old girl asked me about modeling recently, with this question: I've looked at agencies websites and on some of them they have height requirements on their become a model page and some like Ford say nothing about height. Does that mean that height isnt a big issue to them? Also what can I do to become a model?

My reply:
I received your email about modeling, Ford, Elite, and fashion agencies ALL have fashion requirements, usually it is 5'8" and taller, however don't let that discourage you. However I would not pursue this without confiding in your parents, there are MANY modeling scams out there these days so I would not pursue modeling without some help and support from your family.

No matter where you live, there might be some local modeling jobs you can do with a local modeling agency, modeling for a boutique, a hair salon, a local jewelry company,, or local mall, but being only 15 I would strive to work with a print modeling agency or a talent agency in your town. I would start looking locally, Ford is not th end-all, there are many print modeling agencies and talent agencies out there. And right in your area you might be able to find an agency to work with, I would start by Googling or researching even in the phone-book modeling agencies in your area. Print modeling agencies, are best to submit a headshot to, just beware of scams, and non-professional agencies that require you to buy photography packages and rip you off. It is very common and you do have to watch out for scams and not be in such a rush to model that you end up being scammed. You do not need a model school to model, and also being 15 I would make sure you have the confidence to handle rejection, modeling is a business of it.

I would focus on trying to understand all the types of modeling opportunities out there, and that modeling is not just one thing (fashion), and that being short means it will be a challenge but not impossible. Modeling is about modeling "for something" and models are modeling for many, many different types of products these days, so your focus should be in print modeling.

I suggest focusing on getting some photos that look like this: (these are samples of headshots and lifestyle type photos for print modeling).

"Commercial print modeling" welcomes all heights and sizes and shapes, not just the tall. You should focus on getting a headshot taken, and some photos that show your personality, your mother or friend could take them for starters but they should be very natural, looking like yourself, like an ad, and not too forced or cheesy. I would study ads you see in teen vogue, seventeen, and teen brand ads for Mudd Jeans, etc.

You should also be VERY careful about online modeling please DO NOT do this. It leads to mistakes, misconceptions, and scams and I think it is best to STAY AWAY from putting your photo on modeling online profile sites, it is a waste of time and only amatuers use them and it is not the best way to pursue modeling at all. It is better to focus on getting a headshot or compcard, producing it yourself, with the help of your parents and sending it to print modeling or talent agencies. Fashion agencies might be more hands on with the models but not in print modeling, in print modeling it is the model who does the work of creating their marketing material, such as compcards, headshots, portfolio and it involves managing yourself and it is ALOT of work.

Being only 15 you might get some assistance from a print modeling agency, some tips and advice and some suggestions on who to shoot some headshots with, but print agencies do not give their models hands-on help often,...and also beware of an amatuer agency scamming you for over priced photos.

I do hope this helps, modeling is a pursuit, it is not about being discovered anymore, and whether you are new or have been modeling for a while, these days it is about what you put in and at your age (15) you should not pursue modeling without your parent helping because there are many scams out there.

Here are some options for the type of photography to have to start modeling if you are a teen, and also some things to be aware of.

Making a compcard and why you need one to get a modeling agency these days:



Anonymous said...

i'm 14yrs old 5'3'ft plus size/petite what type of modeling do you think would be best for me. and are there any agencies that want models who are both plus size and petite?

Unknown said...

Hey girl, I wrote this blog day with your question and comments in mind:

I hope it helps :)

Anonymous said...

hi i am 14 years old 5'3" and im a size 00 in jeans and blonde what type of modeling would you suggest i do

Unknown said...

Print modeling is an area to pursue if you are not fashion height, print modeling is more about your personality and energy than measurements. But working in print modeling involves a lot of hands on work from the model. Print models are not "discovered" or signed exclusive usually. The print modeling agency experience is very different than the fashion side. How you prepare and the photos you need is different too. Research on my blog print modeling. On the right side there are many posts on print modeling and what it is and how to start:

And the differences between fashion and print modeling:


Kelly said...

Hi I am 16 5'6" blonde with a light skin tone I'm a size 0 in jeans but I have alaways been complimented on my hands, what type of modeling would you suggest? just curious. :)

Thanks - Kelly

Unknown said...

Print modeling Kelly. Print modeling is for all sizes and all ages and all types. Being 5'6" you are not super short or super tall and you might pursue some fashion agencies to take you on, but you can always pursue print modeling. Print modeling is the area that a shorter girl can find opportunities because height isn't everything, and many jobs involve a model's personality and more than just being a certain measurement. On my blog there are many other posts on preparing photos and a comp card for print modeling and the differences between fashion and print modeling and how to prepare because print modeling is a more hands-on pursuit. I hope this helps, ~Isobella

Anonymous said...

Hey I am 17 years old and I take my own model pictures and I recently took head shots with NAM which is a pageant program and did not like them very much. I want to become a model and I was wondering where should I start looking? There is a modeling Spanish school but I have to pay 50 dollars per week in NYC but my mom does not want to pay it. I Been looking for a job all summer but I have mo luck :/ . I have a friend who goes to that program and she has been very successful like she been on tv and won in a pageant and he is only 15. Sometimes when I look at her Facebook I think to myself I have no hope and my mom does not support me now because we have economical issues. I was wonderig do you know any places that are hiring and any advice thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Im 13 years old. Im 70 pounds and Im 5'4'. I have really long legs. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I have a olivy skin tone. I live in Tennessee. Where or what type of modeling do you think would be best for me? Thankyou so much!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!im kate,16 y.o,5'3 and a petite girl with black hair,brown eyes and fair skin what kind of modeling you can prefer to me?

Unknown said...

Print modeling is less about height and measurements and perfection or height, it's mainly about using your personality to model to help market lifestyle brands. I would focus on the area of print modeling and on this blog you can find tips on the photos you need and how to market yourself professionally. Search "print modeling photos" or "Print modeling" to see archived posts on this topic. :)

Anonymous said...

hi :) im 12 and i am 5'2 i weigh about 102 right now, of my childhood dreams is to become a model, but im asking if i have the right requirments for it

Anonymous said...

I have a medium/large body frame. I am 5'9, 15 turning 16 in march, have nice and attractive facial features i would say, long blonde hair but the problem is my measurements are quite large. although I am THIN and IN SHAPE, I am wide and I cant help that with my body. I need your advice on what I could pursue or If I even could pursue anything, Id love your advice.

Thanks ~`

Lauren said...

Hi I'm 11 years old, about 4'10 , and 75 pounds. I have a friend that also likes modeling, she is 13, about 5 feet, and I don't know her weight but she is pretty skinny. What would you suggest for us?

Anonymous said...

Hi I am 14 years old and 5'3. Im very photogenic, but know that im not tall enough for modeling. My mom and I have been trying to figure out something i could do. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm 15years old, between 5'8" and 5'9" and a size 8 in New Zealand clothing but I have really really small breasts (incredibly small). Would this hinder me from pursing modelling?
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm 15 years old and i am 5'4. My sister has been a model for 5 years and she participated in Miss Universe 2012, i also want to become a model but height is the only thing that worries me. My sister is 5'9. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I am 43 kg. I do athletics, swimming, in the summer i play basketball and tennis and in winter i go skiing. I want to start modeling but not in my country - Bulgaria, Europe. Could you give me some advice what to do because i want to start my career early. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

I'm 13 and 5'6 I look about 16 what type of me doing should I do?x