Friday, December 18, 2009

last night on the A train -keep believing in your self

on the way home there were these two girls sitting next to me on the train talking about how tough (I think it was the music career) was, and one girl was like I don’t know how I can do this, I had my iPod on low and was actually listening to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", yay really, and I turned to her and I said, “Keep believing in your self because there are a lot of so called do’ers but most give up. “ I almost wanted to hand her my book and maybe should have, anyways before I got off I winked her way and said “I’m serious, keep hustling” her eyes smiled and followed me up the station stairs.

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RCVW - Global said...

I'm on the trains a lot (I work for transit) and here conversation allllll the time like the one you got into.....sometimes I jump in (especially if its a topic I "believe" in or can give some solid advice. It usually makes the other person re-think the situation, take in what .02 I gave them and hopefully encourages them in one way or another....and of course I feel more upbeat knowing that I connected with this person. =) Thanks for being a friendly New Yorker! lol.