Friday, December 11, 2009

Inspired by reading Malcolm Gladwell, The Age of Success, becoming has no age limit

I believe that success & creating doesn't have an age deadline, until I am unable to blink my eyes I will to be creating & thinking, doing and making. Becoming who you want to be, doing what you want to do doesn't have an age limit. Coco Chanel designed until the day she died. I am not obsessed with retirement, I don't ever want to retire. "DOING, keeps me alive and happy."

Last night before I passed out around 12:30am I was reading Malcolm Gladwell's book "What the Dog Saw", the cover is a bit boring, just text,-- but what is inside has become very important to me actually. I read his book to welcome my mind to the stories inspired by his own curiosity make me curious. I wake up inspired and energetic after reading his stories. I also start doing ALOT of Thinking. I always have my journal next to me to write down thoughts that come to me as I read. His writing style and the stories of the minor genuius are something your mind should experience, as you create your own perception.

Last night I read this story called "Late Bloomers", it is about the popular conception that a person who finds fame later in life, a late bloomer, has spent most of his/her life a failure, however Malcolm shares great examples by using painters, writers, and poets, to show how the age of being successful is not something with a stopwatch attached to it.

Not everyone is young and successful or an overnite success.

I thought it was interesting when Gladwell shared the story of two authors, Ben Fountain and Jonathan Safran Foer, who each had totally different experiences writing and were totally different ages when their books became best sellers. Also the comparison of Cezanne(older when got fame and after death) and Picasso (young when got fame) was very interesting to me as well.

Even if it takes longer to have that success, having a passion, working hard, being available for self discovery, sharing an interest or experience, and growing while pursuing it is something to value.

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