Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Creating Beauty Model Photos

Working from example can be best so I wanted to share some of my beauty shots. Depending on the atmosphere of the shot, the lighting, the angle, you can create many different types of beauty shots. Some beauty shots have hair in the face even, with a beach windblown look, some are airy and light, some straight on, some at an angle or profile, but always make sure your skin and eyes are focus points.

shot by Robert Caldarone

Shot by Michael McCabe

shot by Michael McCabe

Shot by Robert Caldarone

shot by Robert Milazzo

shot by Robert Caldarone

A beauty shot can be super close-up, or can be arranged in many styles, shoulder up, waist up, straight on to the camera, side profile, at an angle. The main idea is to capture your assets, highlight your skin, eyes, and facial features. Your hair is also something to consider, if have nice, healthy hair you should consider including your hair in the shot as well. However make sure you produce at least a few shots with hair totally OUT of the face.

Get inspired before you shoot:
Look at skincare ads, hair ads, cosmetic ads, perfume ads, and magazine covers as well. Notice the models facial expressions. Calm, natural, at ease facial expression are best.

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