Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A comment about how the title model has grown but are they qualified

A received a comment on my facebook page that read:
can you PLEEEEZ do a segment on "NOT everybody can be a MODEL" short or tall. I feel like every since Top Model came out, everybody thinks they are qualified. I mean Ok the biz has changed drastically since the 90's when there was a sharp line between the average and the MODEL but I feel like these days people think it's for everybody and the reality is it's NOT! I'm not the one to tell someone they can't be anything but I think this particular business is just not for every girl I don't care if she is 5'11 or 5 feet tall. Thanks! and I mean that with LOVE of course.

My reply comment back:
Hey girl, I will try. For now let me leave this. Just "feeling" you are qualified doesn't mean you can professionally model, sure you want to believe in yourself, but just being cute or modeling for your ego is not a good way to go about it. Amateur modeling is something that has taken a boom on the internet, but it is not taken seriously in the "real" business of booking work as a model, but even amateurs know they are amateurs (I mean they are not in professional magazines and just shooting for the fun of it, not the seriousness of it), you are not a professional model until you are booking consistent work modeling for brands and magazines and "for something". Top model is very misleading. It involves a heck of a lot of hands on work to be a model these days, and a lot of that “work” that it takes is not spoken about. The more an aspiring model works on her photos, and creates a marketable comp card the better. For print modeling there are no open calls, no discovery waiting in a line, you mail by postal mail your comp card. And you are not babied or told how to model, you are expected to know, but more print models work non-exclusive with agencies, not exclusive and they freelance with more than one agency. There is a big difference between being the hottest ass of the week on the web and really modeling for a product, brand, ad campaign. You don’t get those opportunities unless you are prepared, professional and know how to market what you do have. Being pretty, having comments on your social site doesn’t make you a model. Showing off is not modeling, being cute or a tease or not modeling, you are not a model until you have been booked, hired, to model for something and those professional opportunities are not typically found on the internet, it takes working with a modeling agencies or being an extremely good marketer.

Modeling these days, no matter your height, age, ethnicties or size comes down to two things. Being ambitous, and being realistic.

Being realistic is major! Being ambitious is equally major. The will to try is the biggest part about striving as a model, working as a model and booking work as a model. The more you put in, the more work you do and realize YOU DO have to do the work the better!

The fantasy and the reality are really strong lines. Modeling is not glamorous actually, a lot that it involves is work and being attractive is just a very itty bitty part of being a model.

In every trade these days there are the professionals and the amateurs, it is not just in modeling. The fight of the the professionals and the amateurs is ever lasting, but if you can focus on yourself you will find that you will grow and that the higher you aim, the more realistic and ambitious you are, the better!

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