Monday, December 14, 2009

Being a model is about self promotion

Aspiring models of all ages reach out to me, from 12 to 40 years old. Girls who want to be models and wonder how they can get going towards opportunities in modeling. Usually my answer is based on self promotion, and the things THEY can do for themselves, the things that really define the difference between "thinking about, wanting to, or so-called" pursuing modeling, and really doing it.

It is work, and the mentality that "the agency will handle everything" is the wrong mindset to have. The fantasy of being discovered, an over night success, being jet-set, becoming a working famous model, is unrealistic.

Being realistic is a major asset of an aspiring model, aside knowing your assets and how they can translate into a modeling job, being realistic is the mindset of an ambtious working striving model.

I belive that to start modeling, (or to do any pursuit in life ) you have to prove you can. You have to already know your assets, and know the photos you need. On this blog if you search "cmmercial print modeling photos" in the upper left search box you will find many posts on print modeling and the photos you need for it.

It does not come down to "someone else thinking you can, telling you that you should model," and you also can not expect someone to help you or want to make it happen for you. It is best if your photos are showing you can. And the "show" of this happens within a great headshot, beaty shot, or close up and a full body smiling, showing your personality shot, shots that look like ads, like you are modeling for something. You can show yourself doing something, modeling somehting, selling a product with your look and assets in many ways, but showing you can is how you get an agent. A print modeling agency isn't going to give you the hands on attention, they are not going to teach or baby you, they will look at your compcard you send in the mail and ask themselves, can she model? Is she a good model? Will she fit into our list of clients?

The more your show you can model the better. Modeling opportunities come to you the more prepared you are, so if you are already showing in the photo that you CAN leg model, have a great smile, hair, etc, then you will be more likely to get a modeling job based on those things and an agency calling you back. I think modeling involves understaning marketing, advertsiing world and how you fit into it. If you have not made a headshot, a compcard, and some photos that show you CAN model, then you should. If you have never mailed a modeling agency by postal mail you photos or compcard, YOU should. You want to come off as professional and ready and able as possible and it involves for a non-fashion model, being a part of your pursuits, making it happen, creating what you need, getting the right photos, and it really does take time,energy, effort, and desire.

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