Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why is this agency charging me to be on the agency website?

Recently a mother who's daughter is striving to model asked me: "A model management company in NYC wants to represent her and said that it would post her photos on their website for $100. Is this the norm ? Will some agencies ask for money upfront like this?"

My reply:
Anytime an agency wants to charge you to post photos on a website it is a scam. A model these days, especially a non-traditional one, or commercial print model, has enough to pay for, photography, compcards, YOU NEVER ever pay to work with an agency. It is not normal or professional. I work with great print modeling agencies in NYC and I DO NOT pay to have my photo on their website. My photo might be on their website to market me, but I do not pay for that. It is a scam. So beware. DO NOT EVER. EVER, NONONONONNOOOOO never pay an agency to be on their website or work with them or a monthly fee. No. I hope this helps.

I understand agencies have these modeling fees, (which pay for website, photography and printing needs) however I wonder if the fee is really worth it.

Is saying your "with the agency" equal to getting work with them? Not always.

If the agency is "putting you to work" then I suppose it could be worth it. However the agencies I work with, do not charge me to work with them

I find it odd that a model is "chosen" to work with an agency, but then, it is more like they are "chosen to pay to work with an agency."??????????????

An aspiring model, a girl with no experience, who is not all, should be focusing on commercial print modeling, for this area of modeling it is a lot more hands on work from the model. She has to put together her photography, make a compcard, and portfolio and trust me, she has enough to pay for.

An professional print modeling agency will NOT charge you to be on their website. Plain and simple. I am on the agencies websites that I work with and I DO NOT pay for this.

The contract is not the end all and also don't think paying to work with an agency is something agreeable. It might mean working harder to find quality and professionalism but it IS out there. I WILL NEVER agree with a model paying agency fees, we give the agency 20% of our check, and especially without even getting a booking paying a fee to "have my photo on an agencies website" sounds like bullshit.

I don't understand why certain modeling agencies think it is ok to charge models a fee or monthly fee to have their photos on the agency website?

The Internet-age has inspired these concerns.

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New York Modeling Agencies said...

That's insane. Modeling agencies work for models.. technically.