Monday, November 2, 2009

What Tyra should have done but didn’t (ANTM recap)

Tyra had an opportunity to feature models of all ethnicities on ANTM, and enhance how models of all ethnicities ARE used in ad campaigns. Here are some of my favorite ad campaigns that show different ethnicities. Girls have emailed me in the past and messaged me on Facebook about "being ethnic" and how they feel it holds them back. I however, try to give them a perception of how they can use their ethnicity as an "asset" to get ahead.

I wished she mentioned this instead of her weird jungle shoot.

These days in ads, editorials, ad campaigns, and on the runway, we see more than just one ethnicity. We see many. It is not talked about enough. Especially in print ads, not just in fashion editorials, but also in print ads for lifestyle products, and in Glamour and Marie Claire magazine often. LOOK closer and you will see how most of the time it is a white chick, Black, Asian, Spanish, all mixed together to make a beautiful ad campaign for many products out there.

I would like to see Jennifer win America's Next Top Model cycle 13, also because I think she would give a voice to the Asian models, and shorter aspiring models of all ethnicities as well. However ANTM doesn't really do much with the winner actually so I am not sure that unless Jennifer pursued it herself that it would happen. But I think in coming years we will see more than Devon Aoki and Tao Okamoto. They are actually taller than me!

I do well recognize this multiracial model, Juliana Imai, in this Matrix ad, I feel like I've seen her more than once, don't you?:

I hope to see more multiracial models out there.
As for print modeling, a shorter girl of any ethnicity should be pursuing commercial print modeling agencies if they are shorter than 5'7". This is a cool blog on Asian models by the way: and for those worried about their ethnicity remember also that Latina Magazine is a great one as well to check out. There is room in this modeling business for all of us!

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Anonymous said...

Well, ethnicity can hold you back, even for White people who are mixed, because the majority of the US and Canadian population is White and advertisers often feature more White models in their ads and they are often targeted at Whites.