Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Short Model Support Print Modeling photo concepts VIDEO!

Isobella shares the type of photos petite models should have since America's Next Top Model cycle 13 hasn't been doing this.


makeupnewbee said...

Hi Isabella! Its really nice for you to really promote Petite Models. It'll surely empower women to be comfortable with who they really are. Pls. visit my blog too :) I'm a petite model like you. guess what, i only stand 5'3"..^_^

makeupnewbee said...

stay pretty!

- iya

Golden Silence said...

I figured ANTM wouldn't have the petite girls do any shoots that are anywhere near realistic to the petite market. I've opted not to watch that season.

Tyra Banks's show stopped being about modeling a long time ago. If she really cared about making a name for petite models she would've done shoots and other aspects closer to their own niches.