Friday, November 6, 2009

short model marketing compcard and portfolio

A 22 year old girl asked me on facebook today a common question I get about compcard and portfolios and just tips on starting to pursue modeling, she asked:

1. Should I make a portfolio, compcard, or both?

2. I have been looking at commercial print modeling agencies, and most of them have a height requirement for open calls. Would it be best if I submitted a compcard through the mail? Or should I visit the agencies with a portfolio or compcard?
I'm just really trying to get out there. I just don't know what steps to take. Also, I am 22 years old, would that play a part in whether or not an agency would be interested in me or not? I just know that most models start when they are about 17 years old or so. Just any advice that you could give would be GREAT!!

My reply:

A compcard will get you further at the start than a portfolio. if you don't have a compcard how will you market yourself? You can't mail your portfolio in the mail but you CAN mail your compcards to print modeling agencies and talent agencies.
With your questions about compcard and portfolio in mind and model marketing I'd like to suggest you read some of these posts from my model blog below, I think the insight will really help you and your pursuits. I've used, tell them I refered you

I am not sure how tall you are, but most models do not start when they are 17. Models are ALL ages, even grandmothers model. Everyone has a different story. However for fashion it is a totally different world than it is for a shorter girl, and commercial print should be the area you pursue. If you are under 5'7" there is a totally different way to market yourself to agencies. No open calls, and a lot more self-made work involved and self-marketing.

A lot of new aspiring shorter models start by freelancing and working non-exclusively with print modeling agencies. They get the agency by mailing their compcards in the postal mail. Yes we are in the Internet Age but the postal mail is taken more seriously with print modeling agencies, and modeling portfolio sites are a waste of time. Agencies do not scout on the web, not legit ones usually.

With the Internet age comes scams and with so many girls want to be models there are MANY model scams out there and it is easy to fall for one. Also, many amatuer modeling agencies take advantage of naive girls, who get screwed by paying amatuer agencies for photos ,portfolios, before they neven have been booked a job or know they really want to pursue modeling anyways.

So below is a link to short model basics and they should help you skip scams and start to market yourself, and I would prepare for ALOT of hands on work.

Modeling is a challenge, and just having an agency, just shooting for a magazine, for an ad campaign doesn't mean next week you will have the phone ringing, it is a non-stop pursuit. :) For now, to start it is best to a make a compcard. Make it commercial print friendly. And then market yourself to agencies with the compcard. Unlike fashion, the short girl has to self promote and there is a lot of hands on work involved. We make our compcard, we mail them to agencies. We have to give the agencies a reason to invest in us, show we CAN model, vs the agency saying discoverying you because that doesn't happen anymore, it is about discovering you self and finding ways to market what you are. For modeling it takes time, experience, and once you have experience you can get more opportunities but it is a growth and process. Getting those first experiences involves an investment of you of yourself.

Here is a post I wrote with links to my short model basics. It will help!

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