Tuesday, November 10, 2009

models print or web exposure?

The Internet has changed the way brands market and magazines share information and editorials.

However, I think modeling in print means more than being on the web. For a modeling portfolio and building your experience I think it is best to focus on print work, even if the Internet exposure might seem easier to get.

It can be debatable, because some online sources to get a lot of traffic, but I also always ask myself “how is this exposure going to lead me somewhere more, some where even better?”

I think it means more if you are cast to model something in print vs. the web, because the choices and standards are higher for print. What is published is thought about, especially in this economy. To be inside Maxim magazine I think means more than being on Maxim’s website, to be modeling for a shoe brands ad campaign means more, vs. just counting hits and clicks on your social site.

Modeling is what you make it, and the higher you aim, the more your want, the more professional you are and are striving to be, the better.

For some modeling jobs for ad campaigns, it has included web usage, which is totally fine, but for the sake of the effort I put in, the professionalism I give, I have made the choice to aim for print work over the years. Print work, being in print, to me means you are more of a model.

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RCVW - Global said...

I wholeheartedly agree!!