Friday, November 6, 2009

model marketing motto

It doesn't matter how many clicks, hits, or comments you get, to model you have to get your assets marketed to people who make decisions about the models they cast for ad campaigns, magazine editorials, commercials, etc.

Having a great body, face, hair, lips, eyes, skin, is a nice thing to be complimented on but if you are not marketing it towards the direction of using those assets to get legit modeling work,then you are not modeling.

It takes a real marketing mindset to market what you have, create the photos you need to do so, and target yourself to the right people who can market you or hire you.

Modeling is not about perfection, it is about how well you can market what you do have.

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Michelle said...

I completely agree, Isobella. Also, I have recently found that certain angles can play up your assets better than others. Always, always go for your best angles, and only show photos that flatter you.