Monday, November 16, 2009

Model Life is dedicated to..

"Model Life is dedicated to anyone striving to accomplish something difficult and waking up just for the chance, because the higher you aim the more you can achieve."

Not only does the book bring the modeling world to the graphic novel world but it is a tribute to New York City, since many NYC landmarks appear in the book. The Internet and Digital age is a major part of the book as well, and the conversations between characters is done through text messages and social media. The character even has a live email find out what it is check out the book here.

In Model Life the character gets a scar on her face after a bad encounter with a very unprofessional person, and the journey of overcoming the odds, the bullshit, the mistakes even, and making opportunities for her self follows. It is a story of a pint-size model, but also about staying ambitious and staying positive even through tough times.

Aim high, 'cause you get more!

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