Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A mindset for Model Living

Being realistically ambitious is so important within your pursuits as a model. This is a self-made world, and waiting for things to happen can drag you down, however we can’t expect things to happen over night. Sometimes things that DO happen overnight or too quickly can be a negative towards our pursuits.

I get approached by girls all the time about how they can't get an agency. How they don't know what photos they need. How they shot something they regret. How they want to do the right thing, but don't know what the right thing is. Well, I think it all comes down to being ambitiously realistic. Being present for your pursuits, trying, being ambitious, but doing it in a realistic smart way. Focusing on your assets, how they can be shot and marketed to agencies, should be your first goal.

Are you short, well do you have nice hair, nice eyes, what is an asset you have that can be translated into being used in an ad or editorial in a magazine? This is the mindset of an agent, and also should be of a model.

However, instead of rushing to do a photo-shoot, a newer model, or girl curious about it, should slow down and have a plan, know what she needs to shoot, how she is marketable, and the whole thing should be a slower process. Don’t rush to get in front of the camera without knowing what to do in front of it which will help your pursuits. Don’t just shoot with any person with a camera, and be pickier about the shots you take. Having goals, setting them, and following through is important to find opportunities as a model. Especially a shorter one. It is better to do 5 great modeling jobs with brands, or magazines, or something worthwhile, than have 20-30 terrible experiences. Slow down. Plan better. Aim higher. Get More.

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