Sunday, November 29, 2009

Making a compcard: curling hair question answered

A girl asked me recently "I've taken a while to get all of the perfect shots for my comp cards but now im wondering if I should add a curly hair shot in there for diverity, because they are all with straight hair and one pony tail or do you think the difference would be to dramatic?"

My reply:

It all depends on how well your hair holds a curl. If your hair can be styled to hold a curl nicely then the answer is YES. It is "just to show you in a new way" I'd say no.

On the job you show up as your natural self and the hairstylist and team will decide what to do with it, but if your hair can hold a curl then showing a nice shot of your dressed up with your hair curly in a prom-ish, dressy, elegent look is nice, or I think it would lookreally nice as a close up like a hair ad.

Also keep in mind to always keep your makeup and face as a natural as possible, you don't want to over do the makeup to make it look too fashion, the thing with styling is do not over do it to have a too fashion appeal, you want it to look more natural, "commercial print styled". So I would study print ads and lifestyle ads for lifestyle products when putting together your compcard and think realistically about jobs you can get as a model where personality, having nice skin, energy, shines through, --despite height.

I hope this helps!

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