Monday, November 23, 2009

getting a rejection letter from a modeling agency?

A girl on facebook wrote me "Hey! I got a response back from one of the agencies I've applied to. (In the letter, they told me that they can't use me at this time because they have too many models for commercial print at their agency. Bummer right? Hopefully I will get in with the others. Has this happen to you before?

My reply:

usually an agency won't even give you this letter. They just won't call, so that was a nice guesture. I would still try the agency after the New Year again, with updated photos and more commercial print styled images, to see if they might have room for you. It took me a few years to get in the door with the agencies I work with today. I had to perfect my photos and work on myself as a model first. (I talk about this experience in my memoir Almost 5'4") Also try other agencies as well, keep trying, over and over, and self promote, and try to get some experience maybe modeling for an aspiring brandm jewelry company, handbag company, here is a link on self promotion marketing as an example to inspire you:


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