Friday, November 20, 2009

Final Petite Perspective on ANTM cycle 13

I do not plan to every write about ANTM again. The show has been on my schedule during the past 7 weeks, and I am truely glad it is done and over! Cycle 13 was about the petite girl but right off the bat the girls were not what I would consider petite, and as you might know by now, the winner, Nicole, was not a petite size, she was 5'7". To me 5'7" is not petite, petite is around 5'5" and shorter.

When I stand next to a girl that is 5’7,” she is a giraffe and I am a little tiny pony. However America’s Next Top Model tried to give the short girl a chance this season, but the shows definition of petite is not mine. The final two were sort of on the tall side to me.

The last episode started with Laura (5’6”) and Nicole (5’7”) befriending each other as the final two. Arm and arm they are preparing to hike in the woods as “best friends” hanging out for another CoverGirl commercial. This time the product is LashBlast and soon the girls will be modeling the product and chanting in a joyful tone “LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara from CoverGirl” Back and forth each girl goes, taking turns from shooting with Nigel to working with Jay on the commercial. Nigel comments that Nicole should know that with deep set eyes she should not tilt her head down because her eyes become lost and dark in the shot. Again, we are reminded of how the show doesn’t really teach the girls about how to model, because it is the last episode and the girls do not even know their face, or how to work with it.

Keep your contender close.
Laura shares to the viewer that she thinks “Nicole has a problem with reaching out to people,” and she feel despite her dyslexia, she will become America’s Next Top Model.

Tyra Mail: By now you should know all the elements that make a model, bring it to the runway.

The girls might have been acting like friends in the woods during the CoverGirl commercial, but they soon realize the reality, that they are about to battle the runway.

Laura is delighted, it is a dream come to true for her to walk the runway.

Nicole doesn’t really get excited naturally but decides she better show some emotion when the doorbell rings and it is Tyra. Tyra has come to give the girls some Tyra Time, which is something I think Tyra should have given all of the girls more of.

Tyra exclaimed how Nicole is only 5’7” and so petite, and I laugh, 5’7’ is not short or petite to me. Tyra keeps going on about how Nicole is corky, letting her flaw shine and showing in an awkward, almost rude way that is ok to be the corky one. Nicole goes on about sitting alone at lunch in school and not having friends and painting alone.

Next Laura comes bouncing in, her face still red from the Hawaiian sun. She goes on about her excitement of being in the final two and how she comes from a small town. Tyra wants her to cry, and we know it when Laura does when her Grandmother comes up and a recent letter that she sent Laura. Tyra has made fun of Laura’s sweater that her Grandmother made her and at this moment I am thinking “Jeez, let her and her Grandma be!”

I thought it was a moment of truth when Tyra said to Laura “Your smile lights up the room” And then coating it with “You are beautiful inside and out” but maybe it is too complimentary and a sign of being too nice to the girl who is going to go home?

A mini model reunion.
The two contenders are preparing to strut their stuff in the Julia Clancey runway show, however they are not alone. Believe it or not, despite being eliminated, Erin, Sundai, Brittney and Jennifer show up to be in the runway show as well, with a few other anonymous models in the show. All of the eliminated models, except Brittney, want Laura to win the ANTM crown.

The girls are covered in glitter and it is Tinkerbelle dust overkill.

The themes are Fire, Earth and rain. It really does rain on the girls with a sprinkler set to cover the runway like a water park. Somewhere around Earth the girls have silk scarves over their heads again and Laura says she was expecting a tissue but it felt like a quilt.
Nicole looked like a two year old stomping her feet down the runway. Tyra comments “She looks good” when Laura comes down. Nicole gets caught in her silk scarf and says she must have looked like a “cowgirl” lassoing it off her head.

After the show and finale, the six girls huddle together on the runway and pose, however it comes off more like Girls Gone Wild with wet hair, than a fashion styled Vogue inspired shot you’d want to show your mom.

The two girls go to panel and are wearing one of the dresses they wore in the runway show. They have shiny faces and bad makeup, and await the judges.

For what feels like an hour the judges give us a time-line of each girl’s growth as a model.

Corky gets the crown. And I do mean Corky, not "quirky" because like the bottle cork , she busted out.

Laura is commented on her commercial look and could do well in Milan and Tyra mentions her runway walk was impressive, like she walked in the Paris shows a few times already. Nigel stuck up for Nicole saying her jabberwocky wacky walk could become her ‘signature’ one day. It seemed to be in favor of Laura.

However, tonight “corky got the crown” of America’s Next Top Model. Nicole became the winner of the first petite cycle, however is it just me, or is anyone thinking her height is 5’7” isn’t that petite. I felt jipped. I will admit I was shocked when Tyra said her name. Not that she isn’t pretty or good enough to model, but because in modeling as a petite girl your personality needs to shine through, especially when you don’t have those extra inches.

It is interesting how Tyra said Laura “lit up a room”, and is “beautiful inside and out” and then went to choosing Nicole the corky one; you’d think she would have complimented Nicole on something more than being corky during their one on one time, especially if she was going to win this?

Being unique is not a flaw, in fact bringing those little corks forward can actually make you memorable and get you ahead, and bringing your personality, your assets forward is a major part of finding opportunities as a shorter girl. I don’t think the girls learned enough about actually “doing the modeling” or about themselves as models, if they it maybe could have been a different result. Also I wish the show didn’t characterize the girls so intensely and focus on enhancing what “appears” to be a flaw to define the girl’s image. Jennifer and her eye, Sundai is the foster child, Erin is the snot, and our winner of cycle 13 is the corky one. They are all memorable in their own way, and we’ll see if they continue to give modeling a try, away from Tyra’s eye.

The higher you aim, the more you try, the more you get,

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Nicole said...

Hi Isobella,
I love reading your blog, as it is full of so many helpful insights. I've been wanting to vent about the most recent season of ANTM for a while now. I have to say that I only caught a few episodes of this season because I was so disappointed by it. I'm with you and believe that the girls on the show did not really represent what I thought a "petite model" would be. I was irritated when Marisa Miller came on the show was introduced as being "ONLY 5'8"!!" (add a few excited screams from the contestants for the full effect). I couldn't believe it! I definitely do not see that as short! I also think that there was too much focus on the fact that the girls were short. I haven't figured out why it's so wrong to look short on a picture. If the picture looks good, what's the problem? If there's always going to be this idea that you have to look long and lean I don't see the industry ever changing. I have so much more to say, but will end my venting here. In a nutshell: Tyra did nothing revolutionary. Thanks again Isobella!