Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Do you need training for print modeling?

A girl on Facebook wrote me and asked: An agency recently told me to take some kind of acting for camera class or anything for training and then they would look at me in 6 months, is necessary in order to do commercial print?

It worries me that this agency said you need “training” to be a model. I do think that a model needs practice to become a good model, but training? (like in a class?) mm No. Especially for commercial print modeling, when the jobs are more about your personality, great skin or physique, you don’t need “modeling classes”. I hate modeling schools. I do think you need to study ads and have more experience in front of the camera with a professional photographer to create a marketable compcard. And “know how” to model. I suggest also looking at ads for lifestyle products, not just fashion ads but ads for everything, from jewelry, to Advil.

If you want to pursue acting or television commercials and opportunities on TV then you could consider taking an “on camera” commercials and TV type class, but for print modeling you don’t need any training, other than just having personality and being able to bring it to the job. I think great models also have an understanding of the task, they understand both sides of the camera, how they look in front of the camera, how to pose themselves, and know how to model products properly.

Modeling is about “modeling something” or “for something” so I would focus on your photos, and making them present you in the most marketable way. Make a compcard and strive to work with a professional agency, you do not need classes to be a model, but you do need to be confident, and it helps to show in your photos that you can naturally model. So think of your assets, and showing them off, a good headshot and full body shot of you laughing, smiling, walking down the street, being your self, enjoying life, looking like you could model any product with your smile, -that shoe, that handbag, that hair product, that Advil, is pretty basic and pretty much all you would need to show on your first compcard.

And Skip the Internet, the websites out there that ask you to download our photo and tell you that you can be discovered are lying. Scams. And can lead to mistakes and wasted time. Real models, real agencies for print modeling are not using the web to scout talent. You have to make a comp card, invest in your self, strive to work with only professionals and get a headshot created, a headshot with a smile, and a few commercial print photos will give you enough to make a comp card, mail it to agencies and get your first legit jobs rolling. To get opportunities, you have to be prepared, in print modeling you need a comp card already before you even meet the agency go on your first casting. Your comp card is what GETS YOU IN THE DOOR. A Must-have. Here are more posts on this topic of the tools you need for print modeling and on the right side of this blog you can find more links on creating compcards and tips as well.

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Unknown said...

i would like to become a print model as well but i dont know how to get into it i be wondering if the websites on google are spams and fake photographers.

Unknown said...

Hi Latisha, The first thing you need for print modeling is a smiling headshot of your face and some commercial print styled photos. I would aim to shoot with a professional and what is on the Internet is not professional. I would skip the internet when it comes to marketing yourself as a model. These days wayyyy tooo many scams. It is better to get a comp card made and mail it to print modeling agencies by postal mail. Here is more on why you need a comp card and finding a photographer tips:

Why you need a comp card:

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They should help :)