Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zap2it, ANTM: Revenge of the ninja warrior pint-size princess

Some viewers may not have caught it, but what was really ironic about this week's "America's Next Top Model" was the Dove commercial that aired during the show. The ad shows flashes of magazine models and the fashion world flying by a young girl: billboards, runway shows, a tall pair of shoes. The conclusion is how these images can affect a young girl's self-esteem.

It reminds me how "ANTM" has said an audience but yet Tyra never goes on about self-esteem (other than to trumpet how healthy her own is). She's rather spend her time picking away at the girls' outfits or Sundai's accessories.

Fighting the doubt

This episode is called "Petite Ninja Warriors." It starts off with Nicole crying because Tyra told her she lost her magic during the Cirque du Soleil shoot. Remember her chin shot?

Kara comes up with an idea. She wants to create an "America's Next Top Model" musical. Rae joins in and starts to sing a song about Laura and her country life. When the camera is on Laura I can't help but notice the bruises on her legs?.Kara talks smack about Nicole saying "she has the social grace of a fetus." I wonder if Kara realized her voice is just as annoying as Nicole's but then I get distracted because Tyra Mail has arrived.

Tyra Mail reads: How driven are you? We will find out tomorrow."

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