Monday, October 12, 2009

Your inner glow is real beauty

I have worked as a model for years and within the pursuit and jobs the words "beauty" come up often in the world of advertising and photography. "A beautiful shot." "Ohh that looks beautiful." And in a million others ways, etc.

However, when it comes to “what is real beauty,” if someone was to ask me "what do you think is real beauty?" I would say “it is a feeling” more than an appearance.

I think real beauty is what you feel inside.

It is obvious when someone feels good about themselves, and feels beautiful within, you can see it on their face in an ironic way, their inner glow comes forward.

A beautiful landscape can make you feel calm, at ease, excited, and then you could pose for a photo and now you are that beauty within that landscape which can make a beautiful picture.... but real beauty to me is found inside of a person.

I don’t care how perfect the mascara is, and if the outfit matches so, I care more about how a person feels about themselves, if they like what they are wearing, doing, creating, and believe in what they are saying and who they are.

I think the more beautiful you feel on the inside the more beautiful you are as a whole. I feel that the beauty we feel inside should be something we talk about more also. Here is why.

Well, the obvious, we live in an outward appearance obsessed world. A women walks into the room and it is not her poise, kindness or friendly appeal that is complimented often enough, usually it is her handbag, the lipstick or the eye-shadow, the shoes.

So the next time you compliment someone compliment not just the outward obvious.

I try not to only compliment my friends on the outside obvious but instead on who they are as people.

It might sound corny, but ask yourself “what do you like about yourself” beyond the appearance aspects of “your eyes, lips, boobs, butt, etc.”

Are you thoughtful, are you creative? Let’s give credit to those assets.

We are more than our appearances. I am happier about myself knowing that, knowing that I am more than my booty or handbag.

I believe that when a person feels beautiful inside they are more giving to others, a better listener, more positive, and more excited and ambitious about their work, goals and pursuits as well. When a person likes themselves they are a better friend.

When a person feels beautiful on the inside they are more confident in themselves and their choices.

Beauty is loving yourself.

Who we are is made up of our minds and hearts, not just how great our ass looks in those jeans.

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