Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Photoshop goes bad in Modeling

I must say, even before I read this article about Photoshop going bad within the RL campaign, I hated photoshop. I do. I think people obsess over it way to much in the editorial and advertising industry. Have you ever seen photography of the before Photoshop times? It is like sooooo much more amazing and real and it is the kind of art you want to stare at all day. Photograhy is about story telling, and it is sad when the story is about how badly photo shopped something is or was.

Also I feel bad for the skinny model that thought she would be in the whole ad, head to toe in the ad, but then Filippa's face was used instead. Copy and pasted.

This article on shine called: Was the photo shopped Ralph Lauren model fired for being overweight?, is more than just an article about weight or lack of, but an issue about when enough is enough with the mouse and Photoshop erase tool. Seriously!

Putting someone else’s head on someone else’s body has happened before, this issue with Ralph Lauren's ad campaign is not new news, haven't magazines done this for the covers?

What can an aspiring model learn from this, well this is what you can learn:
When working with a photographer, creating photos for your portfolio or compcard, stress to do light photoshop. Don't over do the Photoshop, even if you are not in an ad campaign yet, don’t. It just looks bad, forced, and it is not eye-catching. Airbrushing your photos is NOT the best way to present your self. Actually a print agency wants to see more than your perfect face, they actually want to see the real you. What is so wrong with "the real" of people anyways?? Honestly? Don't you dare Photoshop close the gap between my teeth!!!!!

Ok ok so Fashion, is this world in a bubble, and is supposed to be a business of fantasy. Fine. I can accept that. Its fantasy. But please let the girl keep her own head and own body!

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