Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When is a good time to mail a Modeling Agency?

A girl on facebook asked me today "Is there a bad time to submit to agencies? More specifically is November/December a bad time? This may seem like a weird question but I've heard a few times that it's not the best time. Mostly from photographers but photographers who are represented by fashion modeling agencies. Just so you know I am definitely striving for commercial so my list of agencies includes talent agencies and modeling agencies."

My reply:

I think mailing a print agency anytime is ok.

If they like what they see on your compcard they will keep you in mind when a client calls or you fit for something they have.

If they like your look and think it fits for a certain casting, go-see or booking, the agent will call and send you on a casting, and until you book a job it is less personable. More "are you available for a casting." "Ok, here is the info." type of thing.

Also remember, many aspiring models that are shorter and pursuing print modeling, expect this personal attention from agencies--however in print modeling it is not like that.

I have found that the hands-on effort of my self is a MAJOR major part of finding any oportunities as a model when you are shorter.

I have even asked the agencies I started working wth what can I DO FOR YOU, what do YOU need that I can work on so that you might be able to market me better to your cleints. So then I would create the certain photos they needed.

Having photography that looks professional is best. You want to show an agency, booker, that you CAN model, and that you DO have experience even, and having some experience from self-promotion and working hard does pay off.I have found in fact that having some experience, having shot with a magazine before I approached a modeling agency has helped me,...and considering my height.

Agencies want to first and foremost see that you can handle the job, --your pictures represent where you are going, what you are capable of, so work hard to produce good ones that show you CAN in need model something---. Print agencies do not train you--compared to fashion agencies it is totally different, and beware of scams of modeling schools that are a waste of money and rip off.

So there is no special time to mail an agency. When you have your compcard and a good portfolio, the time is now. There is no perfect time to mail a modeling agency, but just focus on making your photo say that you CAN model. Print modeling is different than fashion in that "being perfect" isn't such a thing, it is more about your personality. Can you relate to a certain product or brands' image with your persona. Having a vibrant personality and a look that works for lifestyle products is a good thing. Your personalityneeds to come through most in your photos.

(Commercial print agencies don't typically have in-house photographers. And it is up to you as the model to even art direct what you need for your compcard and portfolio, get the photos you need, invest, make compcards and submit them by postal mail and then when you are working with the agencies, making sure they have what they need to market you best.)

I hope this helps,

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