Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There will be days

There will be days when it feels very tough, impossible and overwhelmed is the word.
There will be times when it seems like “why am I trying to do this.”
There will be moments of asking your self “is this possible, am I wasting my time?”
There will be people who try to bring you down, and enjoy doing so.
There will be weight pulling at your dreams in many directions.
There will be obstacles to overcome.
But don’t drown in the doubts of others.
Don’t sink to a level below where you want to be.
There will be deep breaths, even tears.
There will be lonely moments too.
But girl, I have been there, I know those days, times, moments, people, obstacles, and I am telling you to aim for all you want to be, and do, aim high and to keep your chin up.

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